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Killer Sloth Horror Film Trailer Sparks Laughter


Serial killers in slasher movies are often depicted as unnaturally fast, lurking behind their victims who desperately try to escape their grasp. However, a new comedy horror film, Slotherhouse, breaks the mold by introducing a unique twist: the serial killer is a sloth, the famously slow and lazy animal. This killer sloth horror film trailer sparks laughter in every movie lover.

Slotherhouse Movie

The movie introduces us to Emily Young, a college student portrayed by the talented Lisa Ambalavanar. Eager to make her mark and win the coveted position of sorority president, Emily adopts Alpha, an adorable and seemingly innocent sloth. Little does she know that this cuddly companion will soon become the center of a spine-chilling mystery.

As the body count begins to rise within the walls of Sigma Lambda Theta house, Emily and her sorority sisters are left in shock and fear. The realization that their new housemate might be responsible for the carnage sends shivers down their spines. The absurdity of the concept, paired with the sheer brilliance of combining horror with comedy, has viewers both bewildered and intrigued.

The release of the Slotherhouse trailer elicited a flood of reactions from the online community, where humor and curiosity collided.

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SLOTHERHOUSE Trailer (2023)

Some users joked that they would enjoy watching the movie in slow motion, while others lightheartedly acknowledged the reality that no one could possibly outrun a sloth.

I wanna watch this in slow motion!- Trailer Comment

This made my day you cannot outrun a fkin sloth. Fact!- Trailer Comment

This is gonna be one of the horror movies of all time.- Trailer Comment

The comparison of the film to classic gag movies and speculation about a potential writer's strike in Hollywood only added to the amusement.

We are literally at a point in time where the old gag movies they’d come up with to use in cheesy shows are ACTUALLY being made.- Trailer Comment

There’s a writer strike? I couldn’t tell.- Trailer Comment

Embracing its status as a "so bad it's good" masterpiece, Slotherhouse aims to delight audiences with its refreshingly unconventional plot. The film walks a fine line between genuine horror and laugh-out-loud comedy, catering to those with a taste for the unexpected. Viewers anticipate a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from genuine fear to unexpected bursts of laughter.

Slotherhouse Cast

The creators of Slotherhouse have assembled an exceptional cast to bring this hilariously horrifying tale to life.

  • Sydney Craven
  • Olivia Rouyre
  • Bianca Beckles-Rose
  • Andrew Horton
  • Sutter Nolan
  • Grace Patterson
  • Milica Vrzić
  • Annamaria Serda
  • Tiff Stevenson
  • Stefan Kapičić
  • Kelly Lynn Reiter
  • Rudi Rok (as the voice of Alpha)

These talents contribute to the film's quirky charm.

Behind the scenes, Bradley Fowler's creative script sets the stage for director Matthew Goodhue to work his magic. Their collaboration promises to deliver an unforgettable experience that challenges traditional horror movie norms while delivering unexpected and side-splitting entertainment.

Horror And Comedy Lovers Await

As the release date approaches, horror enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike eagerly await their chance to witness this unprecedented cinematic experience. With cinemas preparing to welcome back audiences after a challenging period, Slotherhouse is poised to provide a breath of fresh air and a much-needed escape from the ordinary.

So, mark your calendars for August 30, as Alpha the killer sloth hits the big screen, prepared to captivate, terrify, and most importantly, make audiences howl with laughter. With Slotherhouse, a new era of horror-comedy is about to unfold, and fans can't wait to witness the birth of a cult classic that will be celebrated for years to come.

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