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Kylie Jenner's Fans Are Convinced That Her Mansion Is Haunted After Posting Selfie


Kylie Jenner's fans are convinced that her mansion is haunted after posting selfie as they spotted something sinister in the backdrop. Many people have been made to believe that her $36 million Los Angeles home is haunted by the picture.

She shared a gorgeous selfie, unveiling her latest makeup line alongside her 66-year-old mother, Kris Jenner. As she looked into the camera, the TV star showed off her perfect features and made a seductive face.

Kylie Jenner posing for a selfie with a red lipstick; Some comments from her instagram post
Kylie Jenner posing for a selfie with a red lipstick; Some comments from her instagram post

On September 11, Kylie shared a photo on Instagram showcasing her latest Kylie Cosmetics product, the Matte Lip Crayon.

New favorite red for the holidays️ I’m obsessed with our Matte Lip Crayon formula so I’m excited @krisjenner made this beautiful orange-red launching in her collection on 9.14! @kyliecosmetics.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/kylie-jenners-fans-are-convinced-that-her-mansion-is-haunted-after-posting-selfie/ by Morgan Maverick on 2022-09-14T04:47:13.239Z

Fans couldn't help but notice a "scary" statue in the backdrop, despite the fact that the image appears to be a typical selfie. The bizarre figurine décor had a half-normal body with its insides flowing out and the other half that seemed like it had been ripped open. Many people believe Kylie Jenner's home is haunted.

Many followers were alarmed by the figure they noticed lurking behind the reality star in her selfie. One follower wrote with a surprised emoji, "That little man statue in the backdrop though. Who is that spooky tiny man behind her, I wonder?"

Another appalled supporter wrote. "Okay, but what the hell is that hideous figure behind her? Another person said, "I swear to God that f***ing house is haunted." The worried remarks follow a week in which fans were alarmed when they saw what appeared to be a secret area inside her property.

Several fans claimed to have found a hidden room inside her $36 million property, which prompted the worried remarks about her house. Kylie captioned the TikTok video, which appeared to be stuck in slow motion as she normally does for the camera, "I'm loving this glitch."

When several followers questioned the background of the photo, the celebrity appeared to be recording in the dining room of her opulent LA home. She had a glass-enclosed entrance with a runner mat leading up to it; it appeared to have racks inside and may have had a longer hallway.

Kylie Jenner stills from her Tiktok video
Kylie Jenner stills from her Tiktok video

As usual, admirers immediately theorized what it might be. One Reddit user asked, "What is it behind her, a vault?" Another admirer speculated that it might be a wine refrigerator, and another concurred, stating that this was "absolutely" the case. A fourth supporter inquired,

If behind her, WTF? Vault to ominous subterranean layer?

Many people observed a glass-enclosed entrance with a runner rug leading up to it in Kylie's TikTok video that appeared to have been shot in the dining room of her opulent home. In response to hypotheses put out by fans, one Reddit user wrote: "It's clearly a wine cellar and I really want to know what's in it."

"WTF if he's behind her? Vault to eerie underground layer?," a supporter enquired. Another jokingly said, "Kylie must have a light bill because she is posting more social media content than ever before."

Whether or not her mansion is haunted or not, but one thing is for sure that her house is quite beautiful.

Kylie Jenner $36 Million Mansion

Kylie Jenner already rules the cosmetics market, and it appears that she now has her sights set on dominating the real estate sector. The young businessman added a stunning property in Los Angeles, California's Holmby Hills district to his collection of residences in April 2020.

According to TMZ, the house had a $45 million starting price, but it appears that Kylie negotiated and obtained the house for $36 million. She is still one of the world's most successful and youthful billionaires, and she is just now beginning to put her fortune to use.

An inside view of the lounge of the Kylie Jenner new house
An inside view of the lounge of the Kylie Jenner new house

Inside Kylie Jenner House 2022

The front door to Kylie's home has the appearance of one from a medieval castle. The cement walls make the house look like a fort, which is perfect for a queen who always needs to be safe and away from the rest of the world.

A young businesswoman like Kylie needs more space than one living room can provide. She has many areas in the house where her visitors can unwind, including this lovely living room. The furniture and decorations are gorgeous. The living area and the backyard are separated by a wall-to-wall door.

The actual living room is divided into various seating zones, each with its own set of couches and chairs. Even though Kylie typically has a large home, this one is simply enormous.

People Also Ask

What House Is Kylie Jenner Currently Living In?

She is currently living in her $36 million mansion in Holmby Hills, LA.

Where Is Kylie's New House?

According to several publications, Kylie, the long-running Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, owns a stunning property in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills district that is worth an estimated $36 million.

How Much Was Kylie Jenner's New House?

Her new house in Los Angeles' Holmby Hills district is $36 million.


Kylie Jenner's fans are convinced that her mansion is haunted after posting selfie in which she promotes her new make-up line with her mother, Kris Jenner.

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