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Live On This Greek Island For Free And Receive A Complimentary Land Parcel

Explore the enticing opportunity to live on the charming Greek island of Antikythera, where the locals are so eager to have you that they're willing to pay for your stay. Discover how to live on this greek island for free in our article.

Morgan Maverick
Apr 07, 20191081 Shares51483 Views
Explore the enticing opportunity to live on the charming Greek island of Antikythera, where the locals are so eager to have you that they're willing to pay for your stay.
Discoverhow to live on this greek island for freein our article.

Yearning For Escape

In a world filled with the daily grind, the allure of distant islands beckons. Scroll through social media, and you'll find yourself dreaming of turquoise seas and remote getaways. Antikythera might just be the escape you've been yearning for.

Beyond The Tourist Trap

While popular tourist destinations often lose their charm quickly, Antikythera offers a different experience. Discover a place with a handful of restaurants, a unique Thursday-night bar-to-club transformation, and locals unbothered by the tourist influx.

Seduction Of Greek Islands

The scenic beauty of Greek islands is undeniable, captivating even the most resolute travelers. Antikythera, nestled between Crete and Kythira, holds a special allure that can seduce even the strongest-willed individuals.

Seize The Opportunity

Take a leap of faith and consider making Antikythera your home. Embrace the island life, as this Greek paradise is not just inviting you; they're willing to pay you for the privilege.

Antikythera's Unique Charm

With a population ranging from a cozy 25 to a vibrant 40 in the summer, Antikythera promises a unique and intimate community experience. Don't miss out on the chance to call this hidden gem your home.
Island that pay people to live
Island that pay people to live

Boosting Island Life - Incentives For New Residents

Local Government's Call For Growth

Driven by a desire for growth, local governments are actively seeking to increase the population of their regions. Recognizing the trend of young natives migrating to bustling urban centers, these areas are particularly keen on attracting young families to relocate.

Financial Incentives - A Generous Offer

To entice potential residents, the Greek Orthodox Churchis offering a monthly stipend of €500, guaranteed for a period of three years. This amounts to a substantial sum of €18,000 (£16,141.77). Additionally, newcomers are gifted a piece of land, providing a rare opportunity to build a home or establish a business without incurring costs.

Opportunities For Various Professions

Antikythera's local council president, Andreas Charchalakis, highlights the potential for flourishing in various professions such as fishing, stock-farming, building, and baking. These occupations not only contribute to the island's revitalization but also promise a decent income for those who choose to make Antikythera their home.

Challenges And Charms Of Island Living

While the island may lack certain amenities commonly found in urban areas, such as extensive supermarkets and ATMs, it compensates with a unique charm. Local shops primarily offer goods produced on the island, creating a community-oriented atmosphere. Despite limited conveniences, the presence of internet connectivity and electricity ensures a modern living experience.

Exploring Opportunities Across Europe - Places That Pay You To Live

  • Molise, Italy: The Molise Region GrantMolise, a small region in Southern Italy, has been actively encouraging people to move there. They launched a program offering a monthly grant of €700 ($825) for three years to individuals willing to settle in villages with a population of fewer than 2,000 residents. The initiative aims to reverse depopulation trends and breathe new life into local communities.
  • Candás, Spain: Cash for Moving InThe town of Candás in Asturias, Spain, initiated a program to combat population decline. Families or individuals willing to relocate to Candás are eligible for financial incentives. The amounts vary, and the conditions often include starting a business, purchasing a property, or having children in local schools.
  • Ponga, Spain: Homesteading ProgramPonga, a picturesque village in Asturias, Spain, has taken a creative approach to attract new residents. They offer land for free to those willing to build a house and commit to living in the village for a set number of years. This homesteading program aims to repopulate the area and rejuvenate the local community.
  • Tulcea, Romania: Monthly Stipend for Remote WorkersTulcea, a city in Romania, has introduced a program specifically targeting remote workers. The local government offers a monthly stipend to individuals who choose to work remotely from Tulcea. This initiative not only contributes to the city's growth but also promotes a healthy work-life balance in a serene environment.
  • Croatia: Homestead IncentivesSome regions in Croatia have implemented homestead incentives to attract new residents. These programs provide land for free or at a nominal cost, encouraging individuals or families to build homes and invest in local communities. Croatia's diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage make it an appealing destination.
Tulcea city in romania
Tulcea city in romania


Although Greek families are given priority, the invitation extends to individuals of all nationalities. Interested parties can find more information about this enticing opportunity here. Seize the chance to become a part of Antikythera's evolving story.
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