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Things You Should Consider In Hosting A Live Pub Quiz Picture Round


Live Pub Quiz Picture Round! can liven up and interact with your online audience compared to a typical pen and paper evaluation instrument. Why? Students' visual literacy and critical thinking abilities are enhanced by the use of images in the classroom or even in an online class. Also, if there are photographs involved, we are more inclined to get involved.

This is a challenging feat, which is why this post provides instructions on how to start a photo round quiz online. So, take your time and read over this article.

What Is A Good Picture Round For A Quiz

You can see below some of the interesting games to play with friends and family in a picture round.

1. Super Zoom

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/live-pub-quiz-picture-round/ by Kane Perkins on 2022-04-22T08:20:07.780Z

Through the lens of ultra close-up photography, everyday objects can become unrecognizable. That's the idea of "Super Zoom picture game round". How do you do this? Take close-up shots of everyday objects to conceal them and see if your friends can figure out what they are. On Google, you may also find a lot of macro (close-up) photos.

Tips in using Super Zoom

If your online audience is having trouble guessing the picture, give them basic and easy suggestions and hints to help them recognize the objects.

2. Who’s Who?

So if you saw a picture of a celeb, you would recognize their face, right? You spend all day looking at the Instagram feeds of your favorite stars. But what if you will just see a portion of their faces like deep blue eyes or an iconic smile? In that case, it might be a little more difficult for you. That's the idea of "Who's Who" picture round!

How do you go about doing this? Take well-known photographs, such as movie stills or well-known tabloid shots, pixelate or hide the faces, and see who knows their celebs the best. They could even copy and paste photographs of their fellow candidates' faces into the photo.

Tips in Who's Who? Picture Quiz

Make sure the image you'll pick for the celebrity is well-known. You could give them some useful information to guess.

If you have the night bonding with your family and other relatives, you may use the Family edition. You need to collect old family photos and disguise the faces to see who can figure out who is who. Picture round concepts don't get much more personal than this. On the other hand, you may switch this into Celebrity edition.

3. Name That Movie

These are great for people who like movies: take a picture of a famous movie scene and ask your friends to guess the name of it. This also works well with movie posters from countries that don't have a lot of foreign movies.

Tips in making Name That Movie Picture Round

The author found out the link below that you may use if you have trouble thinking about what popular movies will I use in this particular game.

4. Where am I?

Have you ever been surfing social media and come upon a photo of a new place? Have you ever looked up that location on the internet and added it to your bucket list? If so, then you and your audience might be able to answer all of the picture quizzes and questions correctly. You need to gather images of famous locations from around the world and see who recognizes their location.

Tips in using Where Am I? Picture Round

To make it more challenging to guess, use Google Earth to zoom in on a landmark and have participants identify where they stood.

5. Spot the difference

Spot the difference is a form of puzzle in which players must locate a certain number of variations between two otherwise similar images, such as illustrations or photographs that have been altered via photo manipulation. This is a fun game that encourages your audience to focus, think, and notice details.

How To Host The Ultimate Virtual Pub Quiz

Because of the coronavirus, many locked-down quiz fans have gone online. It's not merely a case of memorizing questions. You can host a quiz if you keep in mind the following time-tested instructions.

1. After assembling your team and selecting a date, you'll need to choose a platform to host your quiz.The Master of this virtual suggests that the Zoom application is a good place to start. That includes sharing photographs and videos, muting or kicking out annoying audience members, and overall controlling the flow of the event. But also, you can use YouTube, which requires minimal tech setup for players.

2. Inform them that you will be awarding points for attire.

Costumes can be themed, or even black tie for a special occasion.

3. Involve everyone.

The greatest method to engage everyone is to ask a variety of questions. Try to cover all bases. Niche specialized subjects should be avoided as they might frustrate people if studied for years. Keep it fair by making each round worth the same number of points. A question-and-answer format is also acceptable. Youtuber Quiz master stated that people love picture rounds. Interesting picture round ideas are also provided.

4. Think about the prize

After the game, disclose the winners. If you want actual prizes, you can mail them or deliver them to their door if they live nearby. The greatest honor is to host the next quiz. But not as good as yours.

Pub Quiz Prizes Ideas

You want to host a quiz competition but aren't sure what to award the winning team. Prizes are vital to stimulate and motivate attendees. The prize is often the reason individuals participate in a quiz and is sometimes used to encourage them to return. Take note, if the event is large, you should provide a large reward, but pub quizzes are often small events, so the following is a helpful tip for you on how you will choose your prize selection.

1. There should be more than one award.

Most pub quizzes award not only the winner but also the fastest quiz responder, best team name, or category or level of difficulty winner. Many quiz masters prepareda variety of modest awards to entertain and encourage innovation and attitude.

2. Consider the quiz's audience.

Why is thinking about the type of audience is necessary for prize selection? When you consider your audience's background, then you may show them what would be great or useful for them. You may also consider a prize such as a Free Dinner for 2, gift certificates, a basket of chocolates and treats, a free healthy eating plan, or a monetary reward.

What Are Good Trivia Prizes

Here are the top favorite trivia night prizes, in no particular order, and they range in price and creativity.

  • Starbucks gifts cards.
  • IPads.
  • Plastic trophies with customized inscriptions.
  • Boxes of chocolate.
  • Olympic-style gold, silver & bronze medals (fake, of course)
  • Cold, hard cash.
  • A full/half day off.
  • Select a prize from a grab bag of smaller items.

How Do I Make An Interactive Pub Quiz

Here, we'll walk you through some good strategies that will assist you in doing an interactive pub quiz.

  • Select the most appropriate platform
  • Prepare your quiz by selecting a theme and identifying the questions
  • Create a variety of various types of questions to break up the flow of the conversation.
  • Prepare a list of supplementary facts and details for each question
  • Prepare for the quiz ahead of time
  • Use two facilitators to shift the energy in the room.

Jay's Virtual Pub Quiz YouTube Live

It is hosted by former publican Jay Flynn and began airing when the UK closed pubs because of the COVID-19 outbreak. He has 198,000 youtube followers and the virtual pub quiz revolves around General knowledge. Every Thursday and Saturday at 19:50 BST, fascinating quizzes go live on YouTube and Facebook. The quiz has helped hundreds of thousands of families connect, relieve isolation, and have fun. You may watch Jay's Virtual Pub Quiz on YouTube.


To be honest, even the master of the virtual quiz feels challenged when it comes to creating a fresh and fascinating picture quiz round, so imagine how difficult it is for a first-timer. However, we must remember the famous expression, "Practice makes perfect." There is no perfect quiz game, but if you follow the guidelines and ideas offered in the article, you may create an interactive and good quiz for your online audience. The author hopes that it will assist you in becoming an excellent online quiz pub picture round host!

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