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Man Avoids Parking Fines By Parking Vans On House Roof!


In a peculiar move to escape parking fines, a man avoids parking fines by parking vans on house roof. He is a resident of Taipei, Taiwan and his unconventional parking arrangement has raised eyebrows among neighbors and drawn the attention of city officials and police.

A Chinese Man Parks His Vans On His Roof

The resident, whose identity remains undisclosed, strategically positioned one van at the multi-leveled roof space while daringly placing the other partially over the edge on the building's parapet. Concerns from the neighbors prompted city officials and the police to intervene, urging the owner to remove the vehicles from their precarious positions.

However, despite the concerns raised, the owner confidently dismissed any potential risks, assuring everyone that the building's sturdy construction could withstand the weight of the vans. The owner shared a statement to the China Times:

It's not going to affect the building, don't make a fuss.- Owner of The Vans

Local borough chief Lin Kuan-jen revealed that the vans had been occupying the rooftop for an astonishing two years. This extended period of unconventional parking caught the attention of the media and further intensified the scrutiny faced by the owner.

According to local newsoutlet CNA, the individual behind this parking stunt has a history of receiving fines for parking his vans on the street. Frustrated with the recurring penalties, the resourceful owner devised an audacious plan – hiring a crane to lift the vans and position them securely on his building's rooftop.

Chinese Man Parks Vans On Apartment Roof
Chinese Man Parks Vans On Apartment Roof

Remarkably, the owner's actions, although unorthodox, did not technically violate any laws. However, under mounting pressure from city officials and the community, the owner eventually conceded to their demands and agreed to remove the vans. He announced that the vehicles would be relocated to the Taoyuan Mountains.

The incident has sparked discussion about the lengths some individuals are willing to go to circumvent parking fines. While the owner managed to exploit a legal loophole, his actions have drawn attention to the need for stricter parking regulations and enforcement.

City officials are now evaluating the incident to identify any shortcomings in existing parking policies and explore measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Authorities are considering revisions to parking regulations and strengthening penalties for those who attempt to manipulate the system for personal gain.

The owner's audacious parking solution has captured the public's interest and invited a mix of criticism and admiration. Some view the act as a clever display of ingenuity, while others argue that it undermines the importance of following established parking rules.

Final Thoughts

As the vans prepare for their relocation to the Taoyuan mountains, this unusual parking tale will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the residents of Taipei. It serves as a reminder that even the most peculiar solutions may arise when individuals find themselves at odds with the complexities of urban parking regulations.

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