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Man Banned From Flying With EasyJet For 10 Years Just Because Of His Name


A man banned from flying with EasyJet for 10 years just because of his name. The incident involving a man being banned from flying with easyJet due to mistaken identity has garnered attention and caused quite a stir. The individual in question, Kieran Harris, faced an unfortunate situation where his travel plans were disrupted all because of his name and date of birth.

According to the sources provided, Kieran Harris booked a flight with easyJet but was denied boarding at the airport. The reason for the ban was a case of mistaken identity, as the airline confused him with someone who was apparently blacklisted for unknown reasons. The incident highlights the potential pitfalls of relying solely on personal identification details without proper verification procedures.

The incident in which a man banned from flying with EasyJet for 10 years just because of his name became widely known after Kieran Harris shared his experience on social media platforms.

His story quickly gained traction, raising concerns about the effectiveness of identity verification protocols employed by airlines. Many people empathized with Harris, expressing their frustration at the lack of thoroughness in the airline's screening process.

Kieran Harris, 21, was unaware that a travel restriction had been placed on his name until he went to reserve a trip to the Spanish city of Alicante.

The graduate started to assume there had been a case of mistaken identity and that he had been mixed up with a criminal sharing his name and date of birth when he realized he was prohibited from traveling with the airline.

Despite having made his reservation a month in advance, he didn't learn of his suspension until the night before leaving Liverpool.

He was notified that he had a travel ban in effect until March 15, 2031, as a result of his "previous disruptive behavior."

The person with the same name had been given a 12-week prison term in 2021 for acting violently and intoxicatedly on an easyJet aircraft.

The innocent auditor-in-training Kieran Harris claimed:

I was gutted. I couldn't quite get my head around it. I wasn't on the booking anymore, I didn't have a seat on the flight and there was no point in me even going to the airport.

We've had this previously. It's this person who obviously has the same name and date of birth as me. The police turned up at my family home last summer trying to question me. It was quite serious, but within five or ten minutes they knew that it wasn't me. Newsarticles are published with a photo of this person and you can see that it's not me.

They're accusing me of doing something, whereas if they saw me in person any human being would be able to see that it's not me, it's just a bit frustrating. I'm thinking of getting a name change if this continues to happen.

Harris said that the situation has been extremely stressful, but easyJet lifted the ban after seeing a picture of his passport.


A man banned from flying with EasyJet for 10 years just because of his name. The incident underscores the importance of robust verification protocols to avoid inconveniencing innocent passengers and highlights the role of social media in amplifying such stories to a wider audience. It is hoped that this incident prompts the airline industry to reassess and enhance its procedures to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

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