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Man Creates A Suit That Allows Him To Fly Like A Bird


A man creates a suit that allows him to fly like a bird. That man is Richard Browning, a former oil trader and inventor from the United Kingdom, who has created a unique suit that allows him to fly like a bird.

The suit, which he calls the "jet suit," uses miniaturized jet engines to lift Browning into the air and propel him forward, giving him the ability to soar through the sky like a superhero.

A man creates a suit that allows him to fly like a bird jet suit consisting of a backpack that houses six miniaturized jet engines and two hand-held thrusters that are mounted on the arms.

The suit also includes a helmet and visor that helps the wearer maintain stability and control while flying. The entire suit weighs around 88 pounds and can fly at speeds of up to 32 miles per hour. You can watch the video here.

Browning's inspiration for the suit came from his childhood dream of flying. As an adult, he decided to turn his dream into a reality by developing a device that would allow him to soar through the skies like a bird. He spent several years working on the suit, tinkering with various designs and testing different prototypes until he was finally able to create a fully functional jet suit.

The jet suit has gained a lot of attention from both the media and the public since its creation. Browning has been invited to showcase the suit at various events around the world, including the TED conference in Vancouver, Canada, and the Farnborough International Airshow in England.

While the jet suit is primarily used for recreational purposes, Browning believes that it could also have practical applications in fields such as search and rescue, military operations, and transportation.

The suit's ability to fly at high speeds and maneuver through tight spaces could make it a valuable tool in emergency situations where traditional methods of transportation are not feasible.

Additionally, the jet suit has implications for the future of transportation. Browning envisions a world where individuals can use similar devices to travel short distances quickly and efficiently. He believes that the jet suit could be a viable alternative to cars and other forms of transportation for short trips within cities.

However, there are also concerns about the safety of the jet suit. While Browning has trained extensively to use the suit, it still poses a significant risk to the wearer if something were to go wrong. There are also concerns about the noise and environmental impact of the suit, as it emits a significant amount of noise and exhaust while in use.

Richard Browning's flying suit, which has been dubbed the "Iron Man" suit, is a remarkable achievement in the field of aeronautics. The suit is made up of six miniature jet engines that are attached to the user's arms and back.

The engines are powered by aviation-grade kerosene, which is stored in the suit's backpack. The suit's top speed is around 32 miles per hour, and it can climb to an altitude of 12,000 feet.

One of the most interesting aspects of the suit is how it is controlled. Rather than relying on a joystick or other conventional control mechanisms, the user controls the suit's movements by shifting their body weight. This allows for a very natural and intuitive flying experience that is unlike anything else out there.

Browning has described the suit as being "like a giant Swiss Army knife," in that it can be adapted for a wide range of different tasks and purposes. For example, the suit has already been used by the military for reconnaissance and other operations. It has also been used in search and rescue missions and for various industrial applications, such as inspecting oil rigs.

Another area where the suit shows great promise is in the field of entertainment. Browning has already given numerous demonstrations of the suit's capabilities, which have been viewed by millions of people around the world. The suit could potentially be used in theme parks, movies, and other forms of entertainment, where it would offer a truly unique and exhilarating experience.

Despite its many advantages, the suit is not without its limitations. One of the biggest challenges that Browning and his team have faced is making the suit safe and reliable enough for widespread use.

To address this issue, they have invested heavily in safety features, such as an emergency parachute and an automatic shut-off system that will kick in if the engines fail.

In the future, it is likely that the technology behind the suit will continue to evolve and improve. As the cost of the necessary components decreases and new innovations are developed, it is possible that the suit could become more widely available and accessible to the general public.

How Safe Is The Jet Suit To Use?

The jet suit created by Richard Browning is an impressive piece of technology that allows its wearer to fly through the air using miniature jet engines. While the suit is undoubtedly impressive, many people have expressed concerns about its safety. In this article, we will examine the safety features of the jet suit and explore the potential risks associated with its use.

First and foremost, it is important to note that the jet suit is a highly experimental technology that is still in its early stages of development. As such, there are certain risks associated with its use that cannot be completely eliminated. However, Richard Browning and his team have taken numerous steps to ensure the safety of the user while wearing the suit.

One of the key safety features of the jet suit is its design. The suit is made up of several different components, including a body suit, arm-mounted thrusters, and a backpack that houses the fuel for the engines. The body suit is made from a special material that is both lightweight and durable, providing the wearer with protection against impact and abrasion.

The thrusters themselves are also designed with safety in mind. They are mounted on the arms of the suit, which allows the wearer to control their movements and adjust their altitude while in flight. The thrusters are also equipped with a number of safety features, including fail-safe mechanisms that prevent the engines from overheating or malfunctioning.

In addition to the design of the suit itself, Richard Browning and his team have also implemented rigorous safety protocols for anyone who wishes to use the jet suit. Before being allowed to fly the suit, users must undergo extensive training and demonstrate a thorough understanding of its operation and safety features.

During training, users are taught how to control the suit, adjust their altitude, and land safely. They are also instructed on how to respond in the event of an emergency, such as an engine malfunction or loss of control. This training is crucial for ensuring the safety of both the user and those around them.

People Also Ask

What Is The Jet Suit Created By Richard Browning?

The jet suit created by Richard Browning is a wearable device that allows its user to fly like a bird by using miniature jet engines.

How Fast Can The Jet Suit Fly?

The jet suit can fly at speeds of up to 85mph (135 km/h).

How Long Can The Jet Suit Fly For?

The jet suit can fly for up to 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of fuel used.

What Inspired Richard Browning To Create The Jet Suit?

Richard Browning was inspired by his lifelong dream of flying and the comic book character Iron Man.

How Much Does The Jet Suit Cost?

The jet suit costs around $450,000, making it a luxury item that is not affordable for most people.


A man creates a suit that allows him to fly like a bird. The creation of Browning's flying suit represents a major leap forward in the field of aeronautics. Its potential applications are vast, and it is sure to inspire new innovations and advancements in the years to come.

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