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Man Shoots Himself While Asleep Thinking He Was Being Robbed


Man shoots himself while asleepthinking he was being robbed. It is obvious that the third action is considerably less usual than the first two, and in order to carry it out, you would really need a gun, but it is possible that it may take place. Just ask Mark Dicara, who lives in Illinois, for instance.

When people are asleep, they have been known to perform some really strange things. We converse, we move about, and it would appear that we even occasionally shoot firearms. We are a species that is very scary.

At around 9:50 p.m. on April 10th, the 62-year-old man was reportedly dozing off when he reached for his.357 Magnum handgun and fired a shot. This information comes from the Lake County administration.

Dicara was found by the responding officers to have been shot in the leg, and there was a "significant amount of blood" around the area. The police had been called to the location after receiving a report that someone at the residence had been shot and injured.

After he was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, an investigation revealed that the bullet had passed completely through Dicara's leg before becoming embedded in his mattress.

He was then transferred to the hospital for treatment. So the question is: why did Dicara shoot himself in the leg with the gun? It would appear that he was under the impression that he was being robbed. At least, it was the message that he received from his subconscious.

Deputies with the Lake County Sheriff's Office revealed to Dicara that he had imagined that someone was breaking into his house, and in the dream, he took his revolver and shot at the 'intruder' who was in his house.

Naturally, he awakened up when he fired the shot, and a search revealed that there was no evidence of an attempted burglary and no intruder at the residence. I know some heavy sleepers, but none that would be able to ignore a gunshot in their leg.

The unfortunate reality for Dicara is that his goals have resulted in more for him than simply injuries.

The investigation that was conducted discovered that the 62-year-old man had owned and used the revolver without having a Firearm Owners Identification card, which is required for gun owners in the state of Illinois. As a result, he is now facing charges related to weapons.

The authorities said that Dicara's identity card was no longer valid after they had previously issued it to her. They did not explain the reason. Dicara was taken into custody by the police on Monday (12 June), but he was able to get out of jail after paying a bail of £118,600 (about $150,000).

Final Words

Dicara is expected to make an appearance in court on June 29. He is being charged with both careless discharge of a weapon and possession of a handgun without a valid FOID card.

I'm not sure how many people this will apply to, but I think the lesson that can be learned from Dicara's tale is that if you're a big dreamer, you should make sure your firearms are out of reach at all times.

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