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Man Who Was Fed Up With Potholes Has Started Filling Them With Pot Noodles


Man who was fed up with potholes has started filling them with pot noodles. Mark Morell, a retired British businessman, has found a unique and creative way to draw attention to the issue of potholes on UK roads - by filling them with Pot Noodles.

This innovative solution has caught the attention of local authorities, and Morell's message is beginning to spread across the country.

A man who was fed up with potholes has started filling them with pot noodles. The idea came to Morell after he had become increasingly frustrated with the state of the roads near his home in Worcestershire. He decided to take matters into his own hands and began filling the potholes he encountered with the popular instant noodle snack.

Morell believes that his unconventional approach to raising awareness of the pothole problem has been successful in drawing attention to the issue. He hopes that by highlighting the poor condition of the UK's roads, more people will take action to demand improvements and that local authorities will finally take the issue seriously.

While some may see Morell's method as a humorous way to draw attention to a serious issue, others have expressed concern that his actions may actually create a safety hazard. Potholes are a serious problem that can cause damage to vehicles, and there is a risk that drivers may not see the Pot Noodle-filled potholes until it is too late.

Despite this concern, Morell has continued to fill potholes with Pot Noodles, and his actions have garnered significant media attention. The idea has even inspired others to take similar actions in their own communities, and social media is abuzz with photos of Pot Noodle-filled potholes.

The issue of potholes is a serious one that affects many people in the UK. Potholes can cause damage to vehicles, contribute to accidents, and pose a danger to pedestrians and cyclists.

It is estimated that repairing the UK's roads would cost billions of pounds, and there is a growing sense of frustration among residents that local authorities are not doing enough to address the problem.

Mark Morell's efforts to bring attention to potholes in his community have garnered widespread attention on social media, with many people applauding his creative approach. Some have even joined in on his efforts, using Pot Noodles to fill potholes in their own neighborhoods.

However, not everyone is pleased with Morell's actions. Some officials have criticized his methods, stating that filling potholes with food products is not a safe or effective way to address the issue. They also note that potholes should be repaired by trained professionals using proper materials.

Despite the criticism, Morell remains committed to his cause and has stated that he will continue to use his unique method of filling potholes until local authorities take action to fix them. His efforts serve as a reminder of the impact that individual citizens can have in bringing attention to important issues in their communities.


A man who was fed up with potholes has started filling them with pot noodles. Mark Morell's creative solution to the pothole problem has generated a lot of attention and has highlighted the need for action on this issue.

While filling potholes with Pot Noodles may not be a long-term solution, it has succeeded in raising awareness of the issue and drawing attention to the need for improvements to the UK's roads.

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