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Mayor Ties Knot With Alligator Like Animal He Calls Princess Girl In Unusual Wedding


A man's unconventional decision to marry an alligator-like reptile in southern Mexico has captured attention and sparked discussions about love and cultural traditions. The mayor ties knot with alligator like animal he calls princess girl. Victor Hugo Sosa, the Mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, tied the knot with a caiman named Alicia Adriana in a traditional ceremony that has been practiced in the town for over 230 years.

Mayor Marries Alligator-like Caiman In Southern Mexico

The wedding, which took place on June 30, 2023, was more than just a union between a man and an animal. It symbolized the historical peace achieved between rival Indigenous groups, the Chontal and Huave, through a marriage alliance. The ritual reenacted an ancestral tradition aimed at bringing luck, prosperity, and harmony to the town.

Jaime Zarate, a chronicler of San Pedro Huamelula, explained the significance of the ceremony.

The union sees both sides connect with 'the emblem of Mother Earth, asking the all-powerful for rain, the germination of the seed, all those things that are peace and harmony for the Chontal man.'- Jaime Zarate, a Chronicler of San Pedro Huamelula

The marriage is deeply rooted in local legend, with the man representing the Chontal king and the caiman symbolizing a Huave princess girl.

During the wedding, Mayor Sosa expressed his love for Alicia Adriana, emphasizing the importance of love in any marriage.

I accept responsibility because we love each other. That is what is important. You can't have a marriage without love... I yield to marriage with the princess girl.- Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa

The caiman Alicia Adriana wearing a wedding outfit.
The caiman Alicia Adriana wearing a wedding outfit.

The ceremony was filled with symbolism and tradition as Adriana donned different outfits, starting with a green skirt, tunic, and headdress, and later changing into a white dress and veil.

To ensure everyone's safety, precautions were taken, including binding Adriana's mouth, considering her sharp teeth and reptilian nature. The caiman was paraded around the community, allowing locals to dance with and hold her before the wedding took place in the town hall. The festivities continued after the ceremony as Adriana was carried through the streets by her new husband, accompanied by traditional musicand even receiving a gentle kiss on the head.

Mayor Sosa expressed his joy about the event.

We are happy because we celebrate the union of two cultures. People are content.- Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa

The marriage between a man and a caiman may seem unusual to some, but for the residents of San Pedro Huamelula, it holds deep cultural and symbolic meaning.


While this ceremony may raise eyebrows and ignite debates about the boundaries of love and tradition, it serves as a reminder of the rich diversity of customs and beliefs that exist across the world.

Whether viewed as a heartfelt expression of love or a symbolic cultural practice, the wedding between Mayor Sosa and Alicia Adriana has certainly made an impact, shedding light on a unique tradition that has endured for centuries in San Pedro Huamelula.

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