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McDonald's Fans Are Horrified After Witnessing How This Man Consumes His Chicken McNuggets


McDonald's fans are horrifiedafter witnessing how this man consumes his chicken McNuggets.

In spite of the fact that McDonald's introduces a number of new menu items at the beginning of each new season, there are still several staple products from McDonald's original menu that were introduced back when the fast-food restaurant first started that are extremely well-liked by customers.

Among the products that were presented by the company at a later time, the chicken nuggets sold by McDonald's are arguably the ones that have been the most successful. As a result of their popularity, McDonald's has released new menu items this month to commemorate the company's fortieth anniversary.

A McDonald's fan has stirred up the Internet with a very creative, and according to some, 'strange,' method of eating their nuggets.

While most of us have our own favored ways of indulging in our nuggets or fries, this McDonald's fan has an especially distinctive, and according to some, 'weird,' way of eating their nuggets. The following is all the information you need to know about it.

The discussion was kicked off when a Facebook pageuploaded a picture that was attributed to a guy named 'Sameer Jafri.' The picture depicted the chicken nugget meal that a McDonald's patron had ordered, complete with all four dipping sauces.

There is a pile of flaky shreds from the crispy coating of the nuggets, and on the opposite corner of the tray, there are a pair of 'naked' chicken nuggets whose crispy covering has been fully peeled off. Everything else about the meal appears to be normal, save for one surprising aspect.

The photo is accompanied by a straightforward text that reads:

Do y'all peel your nuggets?- Anonymous

The picture of the nuggets with their skins peeled off was enough to spark a heated discussion on whether or not this kind of behavior is actually appropriate.

The snapshot garnered the attention of many who also enjoyed nuggets, many of whom found the photographs of the nuggets that had been peeled and were ready to be consumed to be either odd or incredibly upsetting.

One such comment simply stated:

Seeing naked nuggets is almost as disturbing as hairless cats.- Anonymous

Another wrote passionately:

Why? Why are more people not outraged by this? This is psychotic Silence of the Lambs type stuff! I mean...to each their own...but so weird to be scrolling and see a naked nugget just hanging out.- Anonymous

However, the individual who posted the question was not the only one who peeled their chicken nuggets. People who had either completed the task personally or knew someone who had also completed it commented on the post. One mother wrote:

My 13 year old does and always has. Also likes to dip them in ice cream.- Anonymous

Another parent posted:

My six year old does, because she likes the naked kids are weird lol- Anonymous

Final Words

What is it that you believe, in spite of what many other individuals on the Internet have stated? Do you remove the skin from your chicken nuggets before eating them, or is this image as unpleasant to you as it is to many other people when they see it online?

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