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More Than 2,000 People Dead As Powerful Earthquake Strikes Western Afghanistan


A devastating earthquake has shaken the region of western Afghanistan, leaving a trail of destruction and claiming many lives. More than 2,000 people dead as powerful earthquake strikes western Afghanistan. The earthquake, with its epicenter near the city of Herat, has caused widespread devastation, prompting emergency responses and humanitarian efforts.

More than 2,000 people dead as powerful earthquakestrikes western Afghanistan. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake, which occurred 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Herat city in western Herat province on Saturday (October 7), was the third largest in Afghanistan.

According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mojahid, 2,053 people were killed, 1,240 were injured, and 1,320 homes were fully or partially damaged. There are concerns that the death toll will increase further. The original tremor was noticed in nearby provinces Badghis and Farah, and it was followed by a series of aftershocks.

In the wake of the earthquake, search and rescue operations are underway to locate survivors buried under the rubble. Emergency services, aided by local authorities and international assistance, are working tirelessly to reach affected areas, offering medical aid, and providing support to those affected.

The earthquake has triggered a humanitarian crisis, with many residents left without shelter, food, or basic necessities. Thousands are now displaced, seeking refuge in makeshift camps or temporary shelters. The international community is mobilizing resources to address the immediate needs of those affected and to mitigate the ongoing humanitarian challenges.

The Taliban, who now control Afghanistan, have responded to the crisis by coordinating relief efforts and facilitating the entry of aid organizations into the affected regions. The earthquake adds to the challenges faced by the Taliban-led government as it grapples with the aftermath of the recent political changes.

The globalcommunity has rallied to provide assistance to Afghanistan in the wake of this natural disaster. Various countries, non-governmental organizations, and international bodies are contributing resources, funds, and personnel to aid in the relief efforts and support the affected population.

At least a dozen rescue teams have been dispatched, including military and non-profit organizations such as the Red Crescent.

The United Nations migration agency has sent four ambulances to the regional hospital, each with a doctor and a psychosocial support counsellor. At least three mobile health teams are on their way to the Zenda Jan district, which has been severely damaged. The World Health Organization's Afghanistan section said it sent 12 ambulances to Zendeh Jan to transport injured individuals to hospitals.

Doctors Without Bordersestablished five medical tents at Herat Regional Hospital to house up to 80 patients. According to the agency, authorities have treated almost 300 individuals.

According to Irfanullah Sharafzai, a spokeswoman for the Afghan Red Crescent Society, seven teams are working on rescue attempts, with additional teams arriving from eight adjacent provinces.

Sharafzai told The Associated Press:

A temporary camp has been set up for people who have lost their houses and need shelter for now. Whatever is in our capacity we will do for our poor and needy people at this difficult time.- Irfanullah Sharafzai


More than 2,000 people dead as powerful earthquake strikes western Afghanistan. The earthquake in western Afghanistan stands as a tragic event that has not only claimed lives but also triggered a complex humanitarian crisis.

As rescue operations continue and international assistance pours in, the focus shifts to rebuilding lives and communities. The resilience of the Afghan people, coupled with global support, will play a crucial role in overcoming the aftermath of this natural disaster and rebuilding a sense of normalcy in the affected regions.

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