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My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me - A Famous Korean Webtoon


The webtoon that is now known as "My In Laws are Obsessed with Me" was created by Han Yoon Seol and later adapted by Seungu.

My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me Novel Story

After the death of her mother, the count's daughter, Pereshati Jahardt, remarried in order to carry on the family name. After he passed away, her father left her the entirety of his fortune.

The murder of Pereshati is then planned by her avaricious stepmother and stepsister, with the assistance of Pereshati's partner. But for reasons that aren't clear, Pereshati is brought back to life and is able to go back in time to the time before she died.

Pereshati goes to see the handsome but infamous Grand Duke Therdeo Lapileon in the hopes of marrying him. This will buy her some time before she exacts her vengeance.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/my-in-laws-are-obsessed-with-me/ by Maxwell Canvas on 2022-10-06T09:15:20.880Z

During her visit, she stumbles upon a terrifying family secret that his family has been hiding. How does Pereshati plan to handle the situation? Will she have the opportunity to exact her revenge?

Two characters of My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me series looking at each other
Two characters of My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me series looking at each other

Interesting Facts

  • Its average rating is 4.4 / 5.
  • Its author(s) are Han Yoonseol and Seung-woo.
  • Its artist is Seung-woo.
  • Its genres are drama, fantasy, full colors, historical, manhwa, romance, and Shoujo Type.
  • Its alternate names are "The In-Law's Side Is Obsessed With Me" and "The In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me".
  • Its published release date is November 27, 2021.
  • The publishers are Sunday Publisher and Naver English Publisher.
  • Total webtoon chapters are 49+.

My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me Anime-Planet Reviews

RCBushy shared his review about "My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me" series on animeplanet site,

Its good, nothing much has happened. Everything is slow paced. I cant really say much because i stopped reading at chapter 27, because im close to the latest and nothing much is happening and i think i would just get hanged up at the latest chapter if it would be interesting so i stopped there.

What i can say is that it has potential, the antagonist is really not that threatening to the FL, rather the mystery of it all is mostly the main plot is.

I'd say wait for more chapters,i'm up to chapter 27 and nothing happened much. But it has potential...

Machiabeeli shared his review about "My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me" series on animeplanet site,

Very interesting story about finding your family in the most unexpected of places.

This is definitely a guilty-pleasure read for me. I know how the story will turn out but I love the journey too much to care if it's the exact same destination again.

The FL is the realistic type of character that I enjoy seeing in these situations because her reactions feel sincere. After she experiences a traumatizing death at the hands of people she trusted, she runs away to the cursed Duke's estate and begs for his help.

She is afraid for her life every step of the way but she remains courageous even if she's at a disadvantage.

My In-laws Are Obsessed With Me | Clarity #manhwa

People Also Ask

How Many Chapters Of My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me Are Available Online?

Almost 49 chapters of My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me are available. It is still ongoing.

When Was The First Episode Of My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me Published?

It was published on November 27, 2021.

What Is The Original Language Of My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me Webtoon?

The original language of the My In-Laws Are Obsessed With Me website is Korean.


The first version of My In Laws Are Obsessed With Me was published as a web novel in the Naver Series or Naver Web Novel.

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