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Why Japan's Nomizo Falls Is Known As The Heart Of Light?

While Japan was recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Nomizono Falls in Fukushima Prefecture was a place of refuge. The waterfalls have been restored to their original state with the help of volunteers and donations.

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While Japan was recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Nomizo Fallsin Fukushima Prefecture was a place of refuge. The waterfalls have been restored to their original state with the help of volunteers and donations.
It is located in Kimitsu Japan, in the prefecture of Chiba, and is known as Nomizo Falls or Kameiwa Cave. It used to be a lesser-known location, but it is now one of Japan's most famous tourist destinations, thanks in large part to the social media platform Instagram. Since the day the picture of the waterfall was shared on Instagram, viewers have been wondering where this ridiculously beautiful location could be found.
Nomizo falls, a popular tourist spot in Japan is a waterfall that has been attracting visitors since the Edo era. It is a picturesque waterfall with a colorful history.
Nomizo Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, and it can be found on the main highway of Kyoto. This location was chosen by travelers because of its beauty and accessibility to other places in Kyoto. However, this place has been facing some serious issues lately because of its popularity.
Nomizo falls is located near the highway and it can be easily accessible from major cities in Japan such as Kyoto or Osaka. It also has an entrance fee for visitors which makes it very affordable for tourists to visit this place. But due to its accessibility, this place has become very crowded.

濃溝の滝 Nomizo Falls Autumn 2018

The Nomizo Falls is a waterfall located in the town of Nomizo, Tochigi prefecture. The falls are named after the town's founder, Masamune Nomoto.
The falls are said to be over 100 meters deep and they have a total drop of 160 meters. There is also another smaller waterfall called Takahashi falls located nearby that has a height of approximately 30 meters.
A common description is that the countryside looks like it may have been taken straight from the world of Studio Ghibli films. Chiba prefecture, which is only a few hours distant from metropolitan Tokyo, has a view that seems like something out of a fairy tale. If you want to catch the moment when the sun's rays shine through the cave, the best time to go is early in the morning when the weather is clear and sunny.
As a day trip from Tokyo, Nomizo Falls (also known as Kameiwa Cave) is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Japan. I would definitely recommend going there, especially if you are interested in photography or are searching for off-the-beaten-path attractions in and around Tokyo.
Nomizo Falls is a one-of-a-kind waterfall located in the mountains of Kimitsu city. Because the first "o" in the word is pronounced long in Japanese, the phrase is interpreted as "Nômizo no taki" in English. It is approximately 25 kilometers southeast of the JR Kimitsu station. A small river flows through a valley, and there are a series of short and low falls that seem like staircases.
In front of the falls, there is a cave with a spherical opening, and the water of the river flows through it. It was approximately 350 years ago that a cave was dug to ensure that water would flow easily to the rice field. Because there is a tortoise-shaped rock in the cave, it is known as the Cave of Tortoise Rock (in Japanese, "Kameiwa no dôkutsu" or "Cave of Tortoise Rock").
Beginning in March and continuing through September, the cave is illuminated by sunlight in the morning. The scene is extremely amazing, and some have compared it to an anime produced by Studio Ghibli.
Early morning (about 7:00 a.m.) in early March and early September, the sun appears to be in the shape of a heart, especially when the sky is clear. This image was first featured on Instagram in 2015, and it quickly rose to become a very popular destination. The location is around 400 meters from the parking lot, and a walking trail has been established.
Senju-no-yu is a public bath that is open to the public.
"I want to go to Japan so badly, not for the city but for nature. Always some of the most gorgeous shots"
_Shpoodingtime (Reddit)
"Ditto! Japan, please open up your borders to tourists again so we can go! cry"

How To Go To This Location?

Express bus for Awa-Kamogawa departing from Hamamatsucho bus terminal (Tokyo) and arriving at Kimitsu-furusato-bussankan stop takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes from the terminal. In addition, the bus stops at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station.
Senju-no-yu is around 1.5 kilometers away from the Kimitsu-furusato-bussankan stop.

What Attractions Are Near Shimizu Keiryu Hiroba Nomizo Fall Kameiwa Cave?

  • Senju no Yu
  • Michi-no-Eki Fureai Park Kimitsu
  • Sasagawa Observation Deck
  • Kamogava Sea World
  • Katakura Dam


Nomizo Falls has been recognized as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan by "Japan Waterfall Association" and it was registered as one of the top 100 scenic spots in Japan by "The Japan National Tourism Organization".
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