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Ohio Man's Tongue Turns Green And Hairy After Rare Reaction To Cigarettes And Antibiotics


A peculiar case from Ohio has recently gained attention, as Ohio man's tongue turns green and hairy after rare reaction to cigarettes and antibiotics. This intriguing medical anomaly occurred as a result of an unusual reaction to a combination of factors: the man's smoking habit and a course of antibiotics.

The case has perplexed medical professionals and sparked curiosity among the general public. In this article, we delve into the details of the incident, examining the reported symptoms, potential causes, and the medical community's response.

An Ohio man's tongue turns green and hairy after rare reaction to cigarettes and antibiotics. It was only around two weeks after he realized his tongue had started to change color, the unidentified 64-year-old Ohio man went to the doctor.

But his trip to the doctor's office was made just three weeks after he finished a prescription of the antibiotic clindamycin for a gum infection.

A case study from the New EnglandJournal of Medicine described the man's somewhat unusual symptoms and revealed that he is a smoker.

The study's specifics are a little hazy, though; for instance, it's not apparent how frequently or for how long the man smokes.

Additionally, the authors failed to say if the color change was specifically brought on by smoking, the antibiotics, or a combination of the two.

However, images included in the report show the man had a green, hairy tongue, which has actually made me skip lunch.

The individual was later determined to have a hairy tongue, which is described as "an abnormal coating" of skin cells that grows on top of the tongue and accumulates debris and microorganisms.

They, also known as papillae, accumulate on the area of the tongue where the taste buds are located.

The same protein that makes up human hair, keratin, can grow up on the top of the tongue if there is a lack of stimulation or abrasion there.

The papillae then lengthen beyond what is typical, giving the tongue a "hairy" appearance and texture.

As a result, things like germs and yeast can become trapped, resulting in quite odd tongue colors like this man's.


Ohio man's tongue turns green and hairy after rare reaction to cigarettes and antibiotics. This case has attracted significant attention due to its rare and perplexing nature. While the exact mechanisms behind this reaction remain uncertain, medical professionals are actively investigating the incident.

This intriguing case serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between medications, lifestyle choices, and the human body's unique responses. Further research and understanding of similar cases are necessary to shed light on the underlying causes and develop appropriate treatment strategies.

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