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OnlyFans Creator Humiliates Men With Penis Rating For £1,600 Monthly


OnlyFans creator humiliates men with penis rating for £1,600 monthly.OnlyFans creator Tegan-Leigh Grey is making £1,620 ($2,000) a month through her penis rating service. She offers a written review for $12, an audio review for $15, and a topless video review for $20.

OnlyFans Creator Earns £1,620 Monthly From Humiliating Men With Penis Ratings

Tegan-Leigh has already done 300 of these reviews. However, despite popular belief, not all of her clients want to be flattered. About 50 of her reviews have been for clients who have requested that she belittle them. Tegan-Leigh tries her best to cater to the kinks of her clients, but it's a delicate balance.

"If a customer has a kink I'll cater to it. For example, some people enjoy being humiliated and say, 'Tell me it's disgusting,'" Tegan-Leigh said. "I'm still learning how to talk to these people without feeling like I'm being rude. Even if I didn't like you I wouldn't actually be mean to you, I'm not a tough person.

But now I realize that's what gets them off, and I aim to get them off. Some people want me to humiliate them because they have small penis. I'll say things like, 'Can you even pleasure a woman?' It sounds horrible but they want to hear it."

Tegan-Leigh believes that some men who send her photos of their small penis are just owning the fact that they are small. They want to be humiliated as a way of getting off, like "I have a small dick, and what?"

However, she has also had clients who want her to tell them their dicks are not big when they are. "I was expecting a little d**k and when I opened the picture it was huge," Tegan-Leigh said.

Onlyfans creator Tegan-Leigh wearing a spaghetti strap black top and holding a drink in a glass
Onlyfans creator Tegan-Leigh wearing a spaghetti strap black top and holding a drink in a glass

Tegan-Leigh is not shy when it comes to rating penises, but she does have some standards. "Now I rate people's penis pics on several factors, including the penis itself and how aesthetic the photo is," she explained.

"I enjoy giving ratings, and I like giving details too. Ratings are fun to make because every d**k is different, and there's something out there for everyone."

Her reviews can't be too honest, as she said she tends to go no lower than 7.5 unless it's a humiliation rating. In that case, the rating will never be higher than one.

"When guys want to be humiliated, I usually rate them between zero and one, but nothing higher," she explained. "The first small penis humiliation rating I did I just said: 'I wouldn't have sexwith you,' but he wanted it meaner. So now I get into their mindset to see what they actually want. I insult them and say things as they will never pleasure someone."

Tegan-Leigh is not ashamed of her job, and she doesn't think anyone else should be either.

It's not for everyone, but I'm not harming anyone, and people are happy with my service. Everyone has their own kink- Tegan-Leigh


Tegan-Leigh Grey is making a decent income through her penis rating service. She offers written, audio, and topless video reviews for various prices. While some men want her to flatter them, others want her to be as mean as possible.

Tegan-Leigh tries her best to cater to everyone's kinks, but it's not always easy. Despite that, she enjoys her job and doesn't think there's anything wrong with it.

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