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Paso Florentino Street Mexico - One Of The Steepest Road That Causes A Lot Of Accidents


The Paso Florentino Street Mexico uphill road is uncommon in travel guides. Collisions are frequent here because it is thought to be Mexico City's steepest road.

Steep Road Mexico Paso Florentino Viral Incident

The 300-meter-long Paso Florentino Street Mexico is in the town of Lvaro Obregón, sometimes referred to as "La bajada del diablo" or "Devil's Seed" in the area.

According to news websites, the road slopes up to 45 degrees. The Drive slope rating can't reach that level though Street View on Google Maps.

Despite having such a steep slope, Baldwin Street in New Zealand holds the record for the world's steepest road, with a slope of around 19 degrees.

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Below is a viral video that was posted by a Twitter user. In the footage, trucks, taxis, motorbikes, police cars, and even pedestrians can all be seen slipping, failing to brake, and slamming into the "unlucky" house in the footage.

"A Fourth Car Absolutely Buggered!" - Deadly Mexican Street

The strongest picket fences in the entire world have been used to secure a home at the intersection of a flat road and a slope.

Even though the road surface has been roughened to boost friction, Paso Florentino, in particular, transforms into a true "big slide" every time it rains.

The phenomenon in the video is well known among Mexicans, but it drew the attention of the Twitter user community. Even though Guinness doesn't recognize Paso Florentino as the world's most steep road, accidents happen on it almost every day.

This is a side of Mexico that you most likely won't find in a travel guide. The borough of Lvaro Obregón contains this 200-yard-long, steep, corrugated-looking section.

The funny-sounding "La bajada del diablo," which means "the devil's fall," is even listed as a tourist attraction at the corner of Florentino and Paso Viejo, where the video above was shot.

Even though it's funny to watch cars and people walk down Paso Florentino from a distance, neighbors who were interviewed by the local news seemed less amused.

A Reddit user, NeatOtaku, shared some information about the steps the Mexico govt. officials have taken, "What I found interesting is they added slats into the road to give cars more grip and added multiple drainage spots but it's still not enough."

People Also Ask

How Steep Is Paso Florentino?

It is about 45 degrees steep.

Are Accidents Very Common At Paso Florentino Street Mexico?

Collisions are all-too-common on Paso Florentino, which is reputed to be Mexico City's steepest roadway. Video surveillance shows trucks, taxis, motorcycles, police cars, and even people crashing, skidding, and sliding down a Mexican road.

When Was The Viral Video Of the Paso Florentino Street Mexico Accident Posted?

The viral video of the Paso Florentino Street Mexico accident was posted on July 6, 2022, on Twitter.


The risk that drivers take when crossing Alvaro Obregon Street, which is located in the nation's capital, has earned it the title of "most dangerous street in Mexico."

Paso Florentino Street Mexico is a road in Florence that is often the site of car accidents because it slopes at 45 degrees, making it especially dangerous for cars during the rainy season.

The slope was coated with hydraulic concrete 16 years ago to prevent accidents, but they continued, so the locals advise that it should be closed. They have already reported the slope, but they have not yet gotten a response.

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