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Pet Owner Brings 20 Snakes For A Sunbathing Session At Local Park


With the rising temperatures and the pleasant heatwave hitting the UK, many individuals are swapping their trousers for shorts, donning sunglasses, and applying sunscreen to enjoy the sun and achieve a summer tan.

However, it appears that humans aren't the only ones taking advantage of the sunny weather. In a surprising turn of events, some unexpected creatures have joined in the sunbathing activity as a pet owner brings 20 snakes for a sunbathing session at local parkin Scotland.

Unusual Presence Of Sunbathing Snakes At Barshaw Park

In Paisley, Scotland, a peculiar incident unfolded at Barshaw Park when a pet owner decided to bring his 20 pet snakes along for a sunbathing session. This occurrence has sparked a heated debate regarding pet etiquette in public spaces.

A Snake On The Grass
A Snake On The Grass

Concerned individuals reached out to the Friends of Barshaw Park Facebook group to express their worries about snakes being present in the park.

According to the group's Facebook post, "It's been reported that recently 20 snakes were brought in by the person." This revelation shed light on the peculiar situation that occurred within the park's premises.

Friends of Barshaw Park Facebook Group Post
Friends of Barshaw Park Facebook Group Post

The incident has created a division among the members of the group and the local community, who hold contrasting opinions on whether it is appropriate for the man, a regular visitor to the park, to bring his 20 snakes with him. Those opposing the idea expressed their concerns about the potential risks involved.

One Facebook user commented,

Me personally, I wouldn't have any of my animals anywhere near a public space, as why even present the risk in the first place?- Facebook User Comment

Another user echoed similar sentiments.

Nope. Ban it. Ban him. No no no.- Facebook User Comment

However, amidst the disagreement, many locals came forward to defend the man and his reptilian companions. One user shared their personal experience, describing the man as friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to answer questions. They also affirmed that the snakes were calm and had held them multiple times.

Margaret Winters, a nearby resident, recounted her encounter with the snakes and the positive reactions from others.

The first time I saw the snakes, they ended up crawling over my feet. It startled me a bit, but they were really friendly. Since I'm not afraid of snakes, it was quite nice to have the opportunity to hold a baby one.- Margaret Winters

It was unusual because you expect to see dogs running around the park, not snakes. The owner mentioned that they were intelligent and friendly, and they seemed to be enjoying the sun. Most people found it very interesting.- Margaret Winters

Despite the differing opinions and the curiosity surrounding the sunbathing snakes, the Barshaw Park Facebook group informed its members that bringing snakes into the park was not permitted.

They shared information from the Renfrewshire Council, stating that no one had been granted permission to bring snakes into Barshaw Park. Additionally, they advised individuals not to approach the person but instead to contact the police if they encountered anyone with snakes in the park.

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council confirmed this stance and emphasized that non-domestic pets, including snakes, should not be brought into the parks. They made it clear that consent had not been given for such activities. The council's priority was to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all park visitors.


As the debate regarding the sunbathing snakes at Barshaw Park continues, it serves as a reminder that pet owners should be considerate of public spaces and take into account the potential impact of their actions. While some people may find joy and fascination in interacting with unconventional pets, it is crucial to respect the rules and regulations established by local authorities to maintain a safe and harmonious environment.

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