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Photographer Rejects Award As Winning Shot Generated By AI


German, Boris Eldagsen, a photographer rejects award as winning shot generated by AI. He refused his first prize in the Creative Category at the Sony World Photography Awards after revealing that his winning entry, “The Electrician,” was actually generated by AI using DALL-E 2.

A Photographer Rejects Award As Winning Shot Generated By AI

In a statement, Eldagsen said that he entered the competition to test whether it was prepared for AI-generated images, and concluded that it was not.

Participating in open calls, I want to speed up the process of the Award organizers to become aware of this difference and create separate competitions for AI-generated images. AI images and photography should not compete with each other in an award like this. They are different entities. AI is not photography. Therefore I will not accept the award. With my refusal of the award, I hope to speed up this debate.- Boris Eldagsen

Eldagsen's refusal to accept the award has caused some controversy. A spokesperson for the Sony Photography Awards told the BBC that they felt Eldagsen had misled the judges, saying that "we felt that his entry fulfilled the criteria for this category."

“THE ELECTRICIAN” by Boris Eldagsen
“THE ELECTRICIAN” by Boris Eldagsen

However, the Awards have suspended their activities with Eldagsen and removed him from the competition in accordance with his wishes.

Eldagsen's decision has sparked a wider debate about the role of AI in art and photography, and whether AI-generated images should be allowed to compete in traditional photography competitions. Some argue that AI-generated images are a legitimate form of art, while others contend that they should not be eligible for awards in traditional photography competitions.

Peter Eastway, a professional photographer and judge for the Sony World Photography Awards, also commented on the issue.

I think the question that we need to ask ourselves is, what are we judging? Are we judging the software or are we judging the photographer?- Peter Eastway

Despite the controversy, Eldagsen remains firm in his belief that AI-generated images and photography are fundamentally different, and should not be competing in the same category. He hopes that his decision to refuse the award will help to speed up the debate and encourage Awards organizers to create separate categories for AI-generated images.

Artist wins photo award with AI generated image, sparking debate | DW News


As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely that the debate over the role of AI in art and photography will only intensify. However, for now, it remains to be seen whether traditional photography competitions will be able to adapt to accommodate the increasing number of AI-generated images being produced.

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