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Prayers For Pastors Wives - For The Church


Prayers for pastors wives because they are essential, useful, and vital to the success of their husbands' ministries. They are important for the pastor's social and spiritual stability, and the pastor's social and spiritual stability has a big effect on his ministry.

So, in order to help her husband carry out his ministry, the pastor's wife must be strong and determined. Because of this, you should pray on purpose for your pastor's wife and for other pastors, clergy, and leaders.

And here is when pastors' wives' prayer guides come in handy. We have put together some prayer points for pastors' wives to assist you to get started and moving, so you can easily have something to pray about and pray with.

Multiethnic couple praying at table before eating
Multiethnic couple praying at table before eating

Praying For Your Pastors' Wives

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But put God's righteousness and the kingdom of God first, and the rest will be added to you. You should pray for your pastor's wife to have a complete love for God. Ask God to powerfully operate in her heart via His Spirit so that she will respect and uphold biblical priorities.

Keep your heart under constant watch, since that is where life's springs emerge. Ask God to help her develop a solid moral compass and unwavering integrity. Pray that she will preserve her heart and give a sincere witness.

Try your best to honor God by presenting yourself as someone who is appropriately managing the truth and who is an employee who has no need to hide. Ask God to strengthen her soul and spirit in her time with Him as you pray for her personal relationship with Him. Please pray for her to read the Bible more often than Christian publications and articles.

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Points Of Prayers For Pastors Wives

You may easily recite the following prayers for pastors wives right now:

In the name of Jesus, pray and beg the Lord to give her the knowledge she needs to manage her household and give back to the church of God.

In the name of Jesus, pray and beg God to give her more grace so that she can support her husband through everything.

Request in the name of Jesus that the Lord anoint her with the Spirit of grace and supplication so that she might serve as strong prayer support for her husband.

In the name of Jesus, ask the Lord to give her a spirit of tolerance and hospitality that will make her a real mother to everyone.

In the name of Jesus, pray and beg the Lord to save her from the spirit of pride, resentment, and jealousy so that she won't get in the way of God's work in the congregation.

People Also Ask

What Does The Bible Say About Pastor's Wives?

The role or obligations of the pastor's wife are not prescribed by the Bible. Genesis 2:18, a pastor's wife is called to be an indispensable companion and helper to her husband.

How Do You Pray For A Good Wife?

You asked Jesus for your wife. Teach you how to give your life for her every day and to live in a manner that honors both you and her.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Pastor's Wife?

A Christian spouse will communicate with honesty, compassion, kindness, and devotion.


Prayers for pastors wives are often overshadowed by the guy who stands in the pulpit each Sunday. Most of the time, she is glad that God put her husband in this position of selfless service, but sometimes she wishes for a more "normal" life.

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