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Pub Free Drinks According To Women Bra Sizes Sparks Outrage


An Adelaide pub has come under fire and sparked widespread outrage after promoting pub free drinks according to women bra sizes. The Woolshed on Hindley, known for its unique event themes like MILF Party at the Shed and Tequila Cowboy Thursday, faced heavy criticism for this recent promotion, which has since been deleted.

The Woolshed On Hindley Pub Free Drinks According To Women Bra Sizes

According to a report by The Advertiser, the pub's now-deleted Facebook post stated that women wearing an A-cup bra would be entitled to one free beverage, while those with a B-cup could claim two, and women with a C-cup would receive three free drinks.

The post further added, "The bigger, the better. Wearing a bra is so uncomfortable, hang it up in the shed and let loose ... This means you as well boys."

The backlash was swift and severe, with numerous individuals expressing their outrage online. One Facebook user couldn't believe that such an offer existed, stating, "This can't be real."

Another comment read:

We've just set the female gender back several decades.

People were appalled that in an era of heightened awareness around gender equality and body positivity, a pub would resort to such a discriminatory and objectifying promotion.

Critics highlighted the insensitivity of the promotion, questioning the pub's decision in the current climate of increased emphasis on political correctness and inclusivity.

One commenter sarcastically remarked, "Who in their right mind in these days of political correctness would even consider this?"

Others took a jab at the pub itself, with one person joking, "I don't know what is more outrageous - physical discrimination or the fact that people go to the Woolshed."

In response to the mounting criticism, The Woolshed on Hindley issued a public apology. They acknowledged the concerns raised and expressed regret for making their patrons feel uncomfortable or body-shamed. The pub assured the public that it would take immediate action to rectify the situation and ensure a more inclusive environment in future events and promotions.

The Woolshed on Hindley Public Apology Post On Facebook
The Woolshed on Hindley Public Apology Post On Facebook

The official apology posted by the pub on social media read:

We would like to address the concerns that have been raised regarding a recent social media post shared by our nightclub. We sincerely apologize for the fact that the post made some of our patrons feel uncomfortable and body-shamed as this was never our intention.

Recognizing the importance of the feedback received, the management of The Woolshed on Hindley promptly canceled the promotion and pledged to explore alternative ideas that foster a fun, safe, and inclusive atmosphere for all patrons. Senior management committed to reviewing all future promotional activities to guarantee an environment that respects and values all individuals.

The pub emphasized its willingness to listen to suggestions and feedback from its community, acknowledging that such input helps shape the establishment into a place that both staff and patrons can enjoy. By taking these measures and demonstrating a commitment to change, The Woolshed on Hindley aims to rebuild trust and restore its reputation as a venue that respects and values its customers.


This incident serves as a reminder that despite progress made in promoting equality and respect, instances of sexism and objectification can still arise. It underscores the need for ongoing vigilance and education to foster a society that values inclusivity, fairness, and respect for all individuals, regardless of gender or any other characteristic.

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