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Public Proposal Takes A Terrible Turn - 'You Slept With My Brother!'


In an era where love is frequently showcased for social media likes and viral moments, not all romantic gestures hit their intended mark. Sometimes a public proposal takes a terrible turn, resulting in uncomfortable, painful public scrutiny, and a trail of questions.

A recent eye-opening event in Elgin, Scotland serves as a stark cautionary tale, warning would-be Romeos and Juliets about the risks and pitfalls of turning a private moment into an all-too-public spectacle.

A Love Triangle, A Public Spectacle, And Bedsheets

In a bizarre incident that's left locals and online communities baffled, a failed public proposal has recently unfolded on a roundabout fence in Elgin, Scotland. A lovesick individual hung up a white bed sheet with the handwritten text, “Will you marry me, Rachel?” only for it to be brutally rebuffed by what appears to be the aforementioned Rachel.

According to footage obtained by Jam Press, this bold and quite public display of affection wasn't received as intended. A secondary bed sheet appeared on the roundabout’s fence with a cutting response: “No!!! You slept with my brother.

Local Garry Jamieson remarked on the eye-catching public display, “So who is the lucky Rachel? I hope she said yes.” But Leni Roy questioned the situation with some humor, "Was wondering if her brother will give his blessing." Susan Ritchie also weighed in, noting, “Who said romance was dead.”

A Series Of Ill-Fated Proposals

This spectacle joins a series of cringe-worthy proposals that have left more than just the proposed individuals uncomfortable. Last month, a man went down on one knee at a McDonald’s only to face a brutal rejection, leaving the crowd gasping in disbelief. In another case, a man at a sporting event tried to seal the deal with a ring pop, only to receive a slap across the face from the presumed object of his affections.

Ben Dodds humorously observed the latest fiasco in Elgin, "That fence sees more bedding than Dunelm.”

And in what appears to be a seemingly unrelated yet striking addition to the saga, a third bed sheet made an appearance on the infamous fence. This one, however, cut through the romantic tension with a simple birthday wish: “Happy 40th Sandi.”

Not All Proposals Are Created Equal

In a related tale of a romantic mishap, a woman took to Reddit last month to vent about her own ill-timed proposal. She explained that after a long day of work and parenting, her boyfriend popped the question without much thought or preparation. “There was just no thought into it whatsoever. No dinner, no cute event, not even maybe my kids holding up a cute sign,” she lamented on Reddit. “Just in the middle of me parenting my children after a long day of work. It hurt.”

This series of unfortunate events serve as a poignant reminder that while love may be in the air, timing, and tact remain crucial elements for a successful proposal. Whether it’s a public debacle on a roundabout in Elgin or an ill-considered question after a long day, the lesson here is clear: Think before you pop the question.

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