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Ring Camera Captures Alleged Angel Sighting But Some Remain Skeptical


A man in Leicestershire, Robert Mansfield, claims that his ring camera captures alleged angel sighting, which divided people's opinions. In the video, Robert's partner, Stephanie Scott, and their son, Oskar, can be seen returning home with their dog after a walk. As they approach the door, a small white mark appears in the footage, floating upwards until it vanishes.

Ring Camera Captures Alleged Angel Sighting, Divides Opinions

Robert, who is convinced that what he saw was a 'flying angel,' said, "We've had a tough time recently, so seeing something like that makes you think someone's out there watching out for you. We always say my dad is my kids' guardian angel, so seeing something like that is heart-warming. It might be him."

He also believes that the 'angel' he spotted could be the spirit of his father, Mick, who passed away when Robert was 14 years old. "I've never experienced something like this before. It was amazing and gave us comfort," he added.

Since Robert shared the footage on social media, it has garnered over 50,000 views, and netizens have been sharing their opinions on the sighting. While some agree with Robert and believe that it is an angel, others are skeptical, saying that it's a reflection of Oskar's coat.

'Angel' Spotted on Ring Doorbell Camera || Dogtooth Media

"People have said it's a reflection on the coat, and I've done a bit of research. He's used that coat loads of times, and nothing's ever come up on the doorbell camera like that. If you look closely, the lights go bright, and then when it disappears, they go dull. That can't be a reflection," Robert said.

Despite the skepticism, some netizens agree that the sighting is too clear to be a reflection. One social media user commented, "Definitely not a reflection as it looks like the angel wings are flapping."

However, some believe that it's merely a coincidence and that people are seeing what they want to see. "That's the reflection off the boy's coat. A lot of football lads wore these in the day as it affects cameras from capturing the faces of those offending," another netizen commented.

While the debate continues, Robert believes that it's a sign from above, and the sighting has given him and his family some much-needed comfort during these trying times.


In conclusion, whether it's an angel or a mere reflection, Robert's experience has left people pondering the possibility of heavenly beings watching over us. As Robert says, "It might be him."

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