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Sex Doll Company Sells Out Of Lifelike Model Used To Avoid Driving Fines


Sex doll company sells out of lifelike model used to avoid driving fines.As authorities around the world implement stricter traffic regulations, some drivers have come up with a rather creative way to avoid getting fined for using lanes reserved for vehicles carrying more than one person.

It turns out that life-sized sexdolls are being used to deceive the cameras that enforce the rule, leading to a particular model selling out in Australia. Wild Secrets, a sex doll retailer, says the Donna sex doll has become especially popular among motorists in Melbourne.

Sex Doll Retailer Sells Out Of Model Used To Avoid Driving Fines

A sex doll retailer in Australia has reported that one of its lifelike models has sold out as motorists turn to the sex toys to avoid fines for violating transit lane rules. Some lanes on Australian highways require vehicles to have more than one person to use them, and special cameras enforce this regulation.

However, some drivers have discovered that they can circumvent the cameras by placing a realistic-looking sex doll in the passenger seat when using the Eastern Freeway. The bizarre tactic has led to a spike in sales of the "Donna" sex doll, according to Wild Secrets' marketing manager Adam Lea.

Realistic looking doll in red bikini in a car's driver seat
Realistic looking doll in red bikini in a car's driver seat

Lea explained that the doll's appearance in a car may have been a factor behind its sudden popularity among Melbourne drivers, stating that "the awful traffic on the Eastern has resulted in a coup for us. People are buying dolls so they can use the much faster transit lane."

Before this trend, sales of the doll were infrequent, but now there has been a flood of new purchases, with some customers openly admitting that they bought the sex doll to trick the cameras. However, it is worth noting that using non-human passengers in transit lanes is against the rules and can result in fines.

This has never happened in the company’s 30-year history.- Adam Lea, Wild Secrets' Marketing Manager

The sudden demand for "Donna" is a first in the company's 30-year history, according to Lea. While the use of sex dolls might seem like a creative way to avoid traffic fines, it is still illegal and can result in costly penalties. It is best to follow the regulations and drive safely to avoid any legal consequences.


In conclusion, while the use of sex dolls as fake passengers might seem a novel way to save money on fines, it is illegal under the transit lane rules. In addition, fines for violating these rules can be high, so it may not be worth the risk.

Nonetheless, the popularity of the “Donna” sex doll among Australian drivers is a strange and amusing phenomenon. As Wild Secrets’ marketing manager, Adam Lea said: “This has never happened in the company’s 30-year history”.

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