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Small Tattoo Price Shared By A Tattoo Artist Stirs Up Controversy


A social media user has recently faced backlash after revealing the prices she charges for tiny tattoos. Vivien Szincsak, a London-based tattoo artist known for her expertise in vegan fine-line tattoos, shared her work on Instagram and TikTok, where she boasts a significant following of 32,000 users. However, it was a specific TikTok video that ignited a heated debate among viewers. The small tattoo price shared by a tattoo artist stirs up controversyamong Tiktok users.

Tattoo Artist Sparks Controversy With Pricing For Small Tattoos

In the video posted on June 26, Szincsak responded to a question about her prices for small fine-line tattoos measuring 2-3cm. In a concise five-second clip, the tattoo artist stated:

My minimum charge is £100 for something tiny and simple. But if you book in for multiple, you get a bundle price.- Vivien Szincsak, Tattoo Artist

While some viewers appreciated the transparency, others were taken aback by the seemingly high cost of such small tattoos.

Vivien Szincsak's TikTok on her pricing on small tattoos.
Vivien Szincsak's TikTok on her pricing on small tattoos.

To address the confusion, Szincsak clarified in the comments section that the £100 minimum charge applies to an hour-long session, rather than a single tiny tattoo. She emphasized that the video's context was adding these small tattoos to larger pieces during the same session.

Another tattoo artist chimed in, sharing their own approach to pricing based on the intricacy and time required for each design. Szincsak defended her pricing structure, explaining that she had conducted research to ensure her rates fell between being overly cheap and excessively expensive.

One viewer expressed their surprise at the price difference compared to their own tattoo artist.

I think my tattooist would charge like £30ish, I'm paying £60 for an addition to my current tattoo on my leg, she's not even charging me for the color.- Viewer Comment

Szincsak responded, highlighting the need to book a minimum one-hour slot for even the smallest tattoos.

As I have to book out a 1-hour slot min, even for a tiny one like this to have enough time to decide on the placement, etc.- Vivien Szincsak, Tattoo Artist

While some TikTok users came to Szincsak's defense, pointing out the costs associated with setting up equipment for each client and the use of disposable materials, others expressed their belief that £100 was excessive for such minimalistic tattoos.

One user commented:

Hellll no, I have large hip tattoos for like £180. Getting a wrist tattoo for £40, and that’s medium-sized, and that’s from one of the best.- Viewer Comment

In response to the criticism, Szincsak highlighted the time required to ensure proper placement and decision-making, even for the smallest tattoos. She argued that the £100 charge covered the minimum booking time of one hour, enabling her to dedicate sufficient attention to each client's needs.

The controversy surrounding Szincsak's pricing highlights the ongoing debate within the tattoo industry. Tattoo artists must balance the desire to earn a fair income with the need to offer reasonable prices to attract clients. Factors such as expertise, reputation, equipment costs, and individual pricing strategies can influence a tattoo artist's rates.

Ultimately, the value of a tattoo is subjective and can vary depending on the client's perspective, the artist's reputation, and the intricacy of the design. While some may consider £100 excessive for a small tattoo, others may appreciate the artistry, skill, and time invested in creating even the most minimalistic designs.


As the debate rages on, it serves as a reminder that tattoo pricing is a complex matter with various considerations. Tattoo artists must strike a balance between their artistic expertise and the market demand, while clients should consider factors beyond the size of the tattoo when assessing its worth.

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