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SpecialName - A Website Designed By A College Teen To Name Chinese Babies


Beau Jessup is a typical British teen with one notable exception, she has made a website "SpecialName" where she names Chinese infants to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars and pay for college.

A British Teen Is Get Paid To Name Babies

The 19-year-old has made a name for herself in her field as the founder and CEO of SpecialName, a website that helps Chinese parents find English names for their children that fit with their culture.

When Jessup was only 15 years old in 2015, she was motivated to launch the company. Six months later, she had earned more than $60,000 for naming 200,000 infants. She has named a total of 677,900 people since then and counting

But the young businessman claimed that everything happened as a result of a "chance encounter."

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/specialname/ by Dr. Felix Chaosphere on 2022-10-13T12:41:51.715Z

Even she thought Beau Jessup's concept of assisting Chinese families with baby naming was a little out there when she first proposed it.

Beau told news.com.au:

Dad was going on a business trip and I decided to go with him because I was on holidays. I was surprised by this because having the responsibility to name a child is quite important. I wanted to take it seriously.- Beau Jessup

Beau offered the name Eliza to her first client, based on the classic character Eliza Doolittle, who is a quick-witted and strong heroine unafraid to stand up for herself. The 19-year-old asked the woman to identify a number of qualities she wanted her daughter to have.

A Chinese baby girl playing with a flower in the garden
A Chinese baby girl playing with a flower in the garden

Beau stated:

She was extremely thrilled with it and immediately took the name proposal.- Beau Jessup

After she got back from her vacation, Beau, who can read, write, and speak Chinese after studying it at school for seven years, realized there wasn't a baby-naming service exclusively geared toward the Chinese population.

The second thing she did was persuade her father, Paul, a successful businessman who runs an online teddy bear store, to give her a loan of £1500 (about $3000).

After getting his approval, Beau hired a web designer and used the rest of the money to run ads on WiiChat, which is China's biggest social media platform.

People Also Ask

How Are Chinese Babies Named?

Chinese families typically choose a name for their newborn that consists of two syllables from the Chinese script, each of which has a distinct meaning. The Chinese script has hundreds of characters, so it's uncommon to encounter two people with the same first name. However, some characters are utilized more frequently than others.

Who Is The Founder Of SpecialName?

A 19-year-old British teen Beau Jessup is the founder and CEO of SpecialName.

What Is SpecialName Beau Jessup's Net Worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be $400,000.


Beau Jessup sorted through hundreds of baby name books over the course of the following three weeks to make sure she chose names that were not only culturally appropriate but also had historical significance and overtones. She created a database on SpecialName with over 4,000 names in it.

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