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Sperm Donor Collecting Machine - For The Uneasy Sperm Donors


Sperm Donor Collecting Machine - for the uneasy sperm donors. For many sperm donors, the process of collection can be awkward and uncomfortable. However, a solution has been developed in the form of a sperm donor collecting machine, designed to provide a more comfortable and efficient method of sperm collection. The device mimics the physical movements and sensations of sexual intercourse, reducing the anxiety and embarrassment that some donors may experience during the process.

What Is The Purpose Of A Sperm Donor Collecting Machine?

Masturbation can be challenging for certain individuals, both in terms of performing the act itself and in talking about it openly.

While some men may feel completely at ease engaging in self-pleasure, others may be more hesitant. This unease can be significantly heightened when they are required to do so in an unfamiliar environment. Fortunately, there are resources available to assist with these concerns.

If you've ever been to a donation center to make a contribution, you may have noticed that the sterile, clinical environment is not exactly conducive to getting in the mood.

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Consequently, it can be challenging to prepare oneself for the task at hand. However, a group of researchers in China have devised an innovative way to alleviate any discomfort from the process: a robotic vagina.

Created by Jiangsu Sanwe, this device replicates the experience of engaging in sexual activity with a real partner, making the donor feel more at ease and relaxed. It's a more preferable alternative to relying on traditional aids such as pornography to stimulate the donor.

The company claims that the product includes a massage tube, adjustable speed and pressure settings, temperature control, and a height-adjustable feature to cater to individual preferences. Additionally, it features an isolation pad to collect the deposited semen.

Back in 2019, Sanwe's chairman Ding Guijiang spoke about the innovative device, stating that it could benefit many individuals. He mentioned that sperm count has significantly decreased in recent times, and most medical facilities rely on masturbation as a means of sperm collection, without providing the necessary equipment or environment.

This makes it challenging to collect sperm on site. To address this issue and meet clinical requirements, they developed the automatic sperm extractor equipment, which is user-friendly and effective.

Ding commented on the product's ability to mimic a real vagina, stating that it meets specific standards in terms of temperature, moisture, and lighting. Furthermore, it can simulate the physical movements of sexual intercourse, including back-and-forth motion and vaginal contractions, which cannot be replicated by the human body. It provides comprehensive coverage and pressure, surpassing what is achievable by human means.

While some individuals may not approve of the concept, it has received a positive response from numerous patients in China.

According to Dr. Li Siming, a Urological Consultant at Shanghai Pudong Hospital, dozens of patients utilize the equipment each month, as it is much more effective than masturbation. However, the product has a few shortcomings, such as its inability to accurately simulate vaginal temperature and moisture, and it may not fit as well as a human partner due to being constructed from plastic and metal.

If you are interested in purchasing one, they are currently available online for approximately £2,500, either as new or pre-owned.

And get this, these machines aren't just limited to China. Apparently, they're also being shipped off to countries like the US, Germany, Russia, and France. Can you believe it? What will they come up with next?

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