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Submechanophobia Test - Discover If You Have It


Everyone is afraid of something but when it comes to phobias, there are a few that stand out as exceptionally unusual. One such phobia, likely unheard of to many, is Submechanophobia—the fear of man-made objects being partially or completely submerged in water and there's a Submechanophobia testthat is going around TikTok to know if you have it.

What Is Submechanophobia?

Submechanophobia manifests as an intense unease or fear when confronted with the sight of human creations submerged in water. While it may not claim the title of the strangest phobia, given the existence of fears ranging from balloons and Scottish accents to chewing food and overflowing baths, it certainly occupies its unique niche.

After all, if something exists or has existed, there is a high probability that someone, somewhere, has experienced fear associated with it. Thus, the concept of individuals being afraid of submerged objects is not entirely far-fetched.

Submechanophobia Test Reveals The Terrifying Glimpse

A compilation of compelling images curated by TikTokers @br1ghtfacts serves as a litmus test for Submechanophobia. Designed to evoke fear or unease, these visuals shed light on individuals' fears, potentially revealing unknown aspects of their phobic tendencies. Among these images, one, in particular, resonates with people—regardless of whether they have Submechanophobia or not—the image of a sunken statue.

A Sunken Statue
A Sunken Statue

The sunken statue image within the test has proven to be a startling trigger for many individuals. It has been described as a jump scare, evoking a peculiar sensation where one's "soul leaves their body for a second."

Even those who are typically unaffected by the other images find themselves genuinely scared or unsettled when confronted with the sight of this submerged statue. Such reactions prompt curiosity as viewers question the source of their fear, acknowledging involuntary flinching or an unexplainable sense of unease.

For some, the test serves as a confirmation that they do not possess Submechanophobia. However, others find themselves contemplating the possibility of uncovering a previously unknown phobia within themselves.

Some individuals express a fear of the dark, noting that submerged objects, detached from a source of light, acquire a significantly creepier aspect. The sight of murky water with mysterious silhouettes of submerged objects can induce genuine fear, leading to a profound self-reflection.

Submechanophobia Test

Does the sight of murky water with mysterious silhouettes of submerged objects instill fear in you?

Submechanophobia And Its Triggers

Submechanophobia manifests as an irrational aversion specifically toward fully or partially submerged man-made objects in the water. Buoys, shipwrecks, and even small metal fragments resting on the sea floor can evoke distressing scenarios for individuals with this phobia.

A diver and a huge ship propeller.
A diver and a huge ship propeller.

Unlike fears associated with drowning or dangerous marine life, which can be traced back to rational causes, submechanophobia defies logic. The presence of even the smallest and seemingly harmless object in the water can trigger intense fear and anxiety.

Causes Of Submechanophobia

The precise causes underlying submechanophobia remain shrouded in mystery. One possible explanation is the fear of the unknown, rooted in the inability to discern what lies beneath the water's surface. When swimming in conditions with low visibility, the natural instinct to question, "What just touched my leg?" arises.

Additionally, the visual distortion of objects caused by wave movements contributes to the perception that they are alive and capable of inflicting harm. The tendency to attribute intentions and character to moving objects, such as ships or airplanes, may further play a role in triggering fear-inducing thoughts of objects actively pursuing individuals.

A person above water and a ship propeller that's half submerged.
A person above water and a ship propeller that's half submerged.

Man-Made Objects Vs Living Creatures

One intriguing aspect of submechanophobia is its exclusive focus on man-made objects rather than living creatures inhabiting the water. This distinction can be attributed to the human mind's innate ability to detect incongruity. When observing fish in their natural aquatic environment, the brain readily accepts their presence.

However, encountering a random piece of metal on the ocean floor catches the brain off guard, triggering a fight-or-flight response. This response is characterized by familiar reactions like goosebumps and cold sweat, signaling the perceived potential hazard of encountering out-of-place objects.


In conclusion, Submechanophobia offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of uncommon phobias. As research continues to unravel its causes and manifestations, individuals afflicted with this fear can gain a deeper understanding of their psychological responses.

Whether it confirms existing fears or uncovers new phobias, the exploration of Submechanophobia sheds light on the intricate workings of the human mind and its relationship with the submerged objects that surround us.

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