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Taylor Swift Forgets Last Kiss Lyrics Twice During Eras Tour


During a highly anticipated concert on her Eras Tour in Kansas City, pop sensation Taylor Swift faced an unexpected mishap. The artist, known for her impeccable live performances, experienced a rare moment of forgetfulness. Taylor Swift forgets Last Kiss lyrics twice during Eras Tour.

On a particular night in Kansas City, Taylor Swift took the stage to perform her beloved track, 'Last Kiss.' However, as she began singing the song, it became evident that something was amiss. Taylor Swift forgets Last Kiss lyrics twice during Eras Tour.

Swift sang the opening verse's first two lines with ease before making the error of singing the second verse's "July ninth" section before pausing to correct herself.

Swift momentarily hesitated, struggling to recall the lyrics she had performed flawlessly countless times before. The audience, initially confused, quickly realized that their idol was experiencing a lapse in memory.

She explainedto the crowd:

Oh my God, the words… We have this rule on this tour where if I mess up a song that I have to play it again some other time on the tour so that I can avenge myself. I got too excited, I got too excited. Will you allow me the honor of starting over?- Taylor Swift

With her professionalism and quick thinking, Swift managed to regain her composure and smoothly transitioned into the next verse, momentarily brushing off the mishap.

However, much to everyone's surprise, the same lapse occurred once again during the performance, leaving Swift visibly flustered. This second occurrence amplified the impact of the incident, causing a mix of emotions among the audience members.

Taylor said:

Oh my God! No, those are the right lyrics. I swear that I will not mess this up again! Oh my God! This one, I love this one. Why am I doing this to this song?- Taylor Swift

Swift's devoted fans, commonly referred to as "Swifties," reacted to the incident with a mixture of empathy, concern, and unwavering support. Many concertgoers took to social media platforms to express their admiration for Swift's ability to handle the situation with grace and continue the show seamlessly.

They highlighted her professionalism and applauded her for her commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience, despite the unforeseen challenge.

Newsof Taylor Swift's forgotten lyrics spread rapidly through various media outlets, generating significant attention from both musicenthusiasts and casual observers. Articles were published by prominent sources such as Yahoo Entertainmentand Billboard, detailing the incident and offering insights into the artist's response and the audience's reaction.

In these articles, the incident was described as a rare and unexpected occurrence, emphasizing Swift's typical flawless performances. The coverage also mentioned Swift's ability to overcome the incident with poise, showcasing her professionalism and resilience in the face of adversity.


Taylor Swift forgets Last Kiss lyrics twice during Eras Tour. This created a notable moment in her illustrious career. Despite the temporary lapse, Swift's professionalism and ability to recover swiftly demonstrated her commitment to delivering an exceptional live performance.

The incident served as a reminder of her vulnerability and humanity, strengthening the bond between the artist and her devoted fanbase. Ultimately, Taylor Swift's resilience and unwavering support from her fans ensured that the incident would not overshadow her talent and dedication to her craft.

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