Teens Are Taking Part In A Sick ‘George Floyd Challenge’

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Published 04.06.20

I’m not going to go in on social media because there’s a lot of positives that come with it (I wouldn’t have a job if it didn’t exist) but more and more we’re starting to see the kind of brain-dead, senseless behaviour that serves to do nothing more than achieve a bit of ‘clout’ and provide shock value.

The first load of viral challenges started off with good intentions and were largely harmless. There was the ice-bucket challenge and the Kiki challenge, among many others, but more recently teens seem to be cranking up the crazy by, I dunno, licking toilet seats during a pandemic or licking supermarket ice-cream before putting it back.

Lot of licking. No wonder coronavirus is so rife…

This latest ‘stunt’ though, is perhaps the most insensitive and appalling I’ve seen so far.

It started when, last week, a trio of idiotic teens from Gateshead were been arrested on suspicion of committing a hate crime after mocking the murder of George Floyd in a Snapchat photo.

A Northumbria Police spokesperson later confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation and that officers had arrested two males aged 19 and another male aged 18.

I thought it had stopped there.

I was wrong.

The New York Post is reporting that a number of other people have been caught posing for photos with a knee on a friend’s neck in a mock re-enactment of the way George Floyd died, and that social media sites are having to crackdown on the disgusting ‘George Floyd Challenge’.

The challenge sparked action from some social media giants, with #GeorgeFloydChallenge not returning any results on Facebook and being met with a “Hashtag is Hidden” message on Instagram.

A Facebook spokesperson told the New York Post:

We are aware, and are removing these posts for violating our Community Standards.

It also sparked outrage from other users — with many posting the pics in hopes of naming and shaming culprits.

“How is possible that people is dying outside, whole afro community are finally saying out loud that #EnoughIsEnough and … you came with this disgusting challenge,” one user wrote, calling it “OUTRAGEOUS.”

“This is disgusting,” a user named Ila tweeted, asking, “Who the HELL does this?”

Needless to say this is utterly deplorable behaviour and should absolutely be deemed as a hate crime.

These individuals need to be held accountable for their actions and to realise the further pain and suffering they are causing.

Honestly, how low can some people get?