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Social Media Cracks Down On Teens Taking Part In A Sick George Floyd's Challenge


People are posing for selfies with a knee on a friend's neck in a pretend re-enactment of George Floyd's death at the hands of cops, according to social media sites.

Tiktok removing george floyd challenge content post
Tiktok removing george floyd challenge content post

Three teenagers were arrested in the United Kingdom and probed for a suspected hate crime after posing in the awful way Floyd died in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

However, several more images have surfaced, claiming to be part of a conspiracy, “George Floyd Challenge.”

Some users complained to the force about the photo, which featured the message, “Graduate Lives Matter.” and one user even claimed to be a recent Air Force graduate.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/teens-are-taking-part-in-a-sick-george-floyd-challenge/ by Raven Noir on 2022-02-10T06:18:04.026Z

A man wearing a white shirt and black shorts bending his knee over his friend's neck on the road, a man wearing a grey shirt bending his knee on a man's neck
A man wearing a white shirt and black shorts bending his knee over his friend's neck on the road, a man wearing a grey shirt bending his knee on a man's neck

George Floyd's Challenge Social Media

The challenge prompted a response from certain social media giants, with the hashtag #GeorgeFloydChallenge failing to produce any results on Facebook and receiving a "Hashtag is Hidden" warning on Instagram's sister site.

According to a Facebook spokeswoman, it was deemed necessary:

“We are aware, and are removing these posts for violating our Community Standards, encouraging participation in a high-risk viral challenge.”

“How is possible that people is dying outside, whole afro community are finally saying out loud that #EnoughIsEnough and … you came with this disgusting challenge,” one person wrote, calling it “OUTRAGEOUS.”

Video: Video seen on social media shows teens participating in "George Floyd challenge"

George Floyd's Challenge Twitter

“This is disgusting,” a user named Ila shared in her Twitter post, asking, “Who the HELL does this?”

“If you think this is funny, you’re a part of the problem,” wrote @TheRealLadyRaw, calling it “F–KING DISGUSTING.”


Requests for comment from Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok were not immediately returned. Social media sites were also doing their best to removes these videos.

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