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Texas Man Spotted Heating Up A Pork Rib With Lighter During Rugby Game


Texas man spotted heating up a pork rib with lighter during Rugby game. Since the weekend following Thanksgiving in 1974, Grambling State University and Southern University have faced off in the Bayou Classic in the Caesars Superdome, the home of the New Orleans Saints.

Even though the Jaguars won their most recent match 34-17, attention was drawn off the field as well after a clip of a spectator making the decision to get a snack was misinterpreted.

When a fan was observed using a lighter to heat something in his hand while the game was being shown on television, followers turned to Twitter to inquire as to what was going on.

There were rumors that he was cooking a "blunt," which is a cigar that contains marijuana, which led many people to believe that something suspicious was going on.

A Man Goes Viral for Warming Up a Rib with a Lighter on Live TV Which Was Mistaken for a Blunt

The observer could be seen stroking the lighter's bare flame up and down a brown object, but it turns out that what he was holding wasn't anything as scandalous as had been implied.

Texas man spotted heating up a pork rib with lighter during Rugby game after a zoomed-in image from the video footage was shared online.

Even though some people on social media were sad to find out the truth, many others praised the fan for his strong commitment to eating hot food.

On Twitter, this was praised, with one user writing, "Respect the game. Man was gonna have warm ribs no matter what." The fan would not have known at the time that his craving for ribs would become popular.

Numerous people asked for the man's identification on social media, and several Twitter users pointed in the direction of a chef from Beaumont, Texas, who was said to be the man seen warming his ribs. He appears to be the proprietor of a barbecue restaurant in the Texas city, which is not surprising.

Despite rumors about what the rib-loving chef may have been doing when the video went viral, eating ribs at a football game doesn't seem like such a stretch because he appears to have his own line of barbecue sauces.

The Bayou Classic is unlike any other game, according to Southern running back Kendric Rhymes, who said, "The whole city comes out and we put on a show."


After inventing a novel way to eat ribs while watching a game in a stadium, a rugby fan's video went viral. The video was captured during the annual Bayou Classic game between the Grambling State Tigers and Southern Jaguars in New Orleans. In the video, Texas man spotted heating up a pork rib with lighter during Rugby game.

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