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The Not-So Joys Of Living In The Forest

There is a Reddit post that shows the not-so joys of living in the forest. Why are they not-so-joyful? Because, while forests are peaceful and calm but they also have other problems, such as ants, bugs, poisonous insects, wild animals, and so on.

If you don't want to believe this, here is a video as proof.

Here are some of the interesting comments.

AbysssWalker420 shared how can you get rid of ants, "Unfortunately, that wouldn't keep them away. They're there for a reason. You either have to take away that reason, or give them a reason to not come back (bait/traps/cinnamon)."

Another Reddit user shared a solution, "Kitchen tongues, a garbage bag, and your freezer. In 10-30 minutes you'll have an ant free package and if you're kind you can put them back outside to warm up/wake up and get back to ant business."

Reddit user photodiode shared a solution, "Get yourself some of that ant tape you can put around posts and trunks. It will save your fruit trees and mail!"

Mentally-Disturbed shared, "This happens everywhere, even in the city. Throwing a mothball or a dryer sheet in the back of the mailbox puts an end to most bugs trying to make a home."

Reddit user acidravelamp shared interesting information, "A lot of ant colonies can sense a coming storm, and will relocate with eggs to higher ground such as a mailbox.'

So let's get back to the main topic.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Forest-Based House

When you're used to waking up in a concrete city box, waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and the sight of the sun rising over the trees presents a gorgeous picture and is a sight that's more pleasant than what you're used to seeing.

Even though most cities have well-kept parks, they just can't compare to the fresh air and lack of noise or distractions from people, except for the sound of your coffee pot dripping in the background.

Yes, yes, living in forests comes with a lot of benefits, and here is a brief look.

A woman hiking in the forest
A woman hiking in the forest

Reasons To Live In The Woods

Clean Air

There is simply no comparison to the quality of the air. For several days or weeks, most cities will have a polluted sky overhead.

If you live in a rural area next to a forest or a forest-based house, the air is clean, full of oxygen, and also emits phytoncides, a chemical that, in layman's terms, is the smell of a forest because it is released by plants and trees.

Trust me, there is nothing else like it in the world!

Providing Wind Protection

Don't get this wrong, there will still be wind that whistles through the trees, but the forest will also shield you from strong winds.

Trees also offer dependable protection from the heat.

Happy Kids

The best part is that your kids will be able to construct a real treehouse headquarters and will spend most of their time there.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Forest-Based Living?

After talking about the good things about living close to a forest briefly, it's time to talk about the bad things about living so close to a forest.

It is true that the trees, birches, oaks, and other animals that live in the forest have a positive impact on people.

On the other hand, they provide shelter for a variety of different organisms that live in the forest, such as mammals, parasites, insects, snakes, and other types of reptiles and amphibians.

What happens if animals like rats or birds get inside the house, especially if it will be empty for weeks or months at a time?

Birds and rodents can do expensive damage. Not to mention the difficulty of, say, removing a raccoon from a kitchen cupboard.

Will fighting off pests cost you a lot of money? Then there are the larger animals. Are bears present? Have local residents recently been attacked by wildlife?

Collage of different species of insects
Collage of different species of insects

Insect Pests

Because it is such a lovely area for you, it is also a wonderful space for all kinds of insects to claim as their home.

If you want to have a garden or flower beds of any kind, you will absolutely need to spray them with a particular solution to keep the insects away. This is a requirement for having a garden.


These are some of the other inhabitants of the forest that choose to stay there permanently, and they may also cause a great deal of problems.

Animals such as bears, foxes, raccoons, and raccoons, as well as rodents, snakes, groundhogs, squirrels, and hawks, among others.

It is essential to have a sturdy fence that completely encircles your property and does not have any gaps or openings through which these animals may enter if you want to keep these animals away from your home, your gardens, your children, and your pets.


Depending on how deep into the woods you want to build your home, controlling the growth of the forest's native vegetation may become a challenge for you.

Fire Risk

Living in close proximity to a forest is dangerous due to the fact that tall trees act as magnets for lightning strikes.

It only takes one lightning strike during a storm to utterly destroy an entire forest.

Egress Access

You absolutely adore returning to nature and living among the trees, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before doing so.

One example of this is how quickly emergency services like fire and rescue can get to you, no matter what the weather is like.

In addition to this, you need to make sure that you have uncomplicated access to a road in the event that you have to escape quickly.

Deer grazing in the forest and a grey elephant walking
Deer grazing in the forest and a grey elephant walking

People Also Ask

What Are The Disadvantages Of Living In The Woods?

Certain dwellings lack features you might consider necessities, such as sewage pipes, fresh water, electricity, heating systems, and Internet connectivity. A hospital, a supermarket, a school, or a place to rent equipment can be kilometers away. If your home is far from where the police and fire departments can get in, your insurance costs may go up or down.

Is Living In A Forest Good?

Yes, it is. Being in or around trees and taking in their beauty can help you feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. Numerous studies demonstrate that being in a forest while exercising and simply sitting and gazing at trees lowers blood pressure and the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living Off The Grid?

  • Pros: Cost-effective solar energy.
  • You have a better connection with nature.
  • A lifestyle that is environmentally friendly.
  • You Have More Freedom
  • Cons: It will be difficult to handle emergencies.
  • You will lose contact with police, hospitals, malls, and others too.


Although the benefits and drawbacks of living in a forest can be discussed for hours and hours, it is very obvious at this point that the advantages significantly exceed the downsides.

But, just consider the not-so joys of living in the forest mentioned above before going to a forest.

The one and only thing that is left for you to think about is whether or not this is the best option for you and your loved ones.

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