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Tomato Eating Robot-Meet Tomatan


Tomato eating robot - Japan has dominated the wearables match before it has even really started. It has given us a wearable robot that takes care of your tomatoes. You know, in the event that you were excessively languid to eat a tomato yourself, and furthermore needed to nibble into one the manner in which you'd eat an apple.

Built for long-distance runners, the 18-pound robot called Tomatan sits on an individual's shoulders and feeds them tomatoes as they go.

Japanese tomato monster Kagome, who is sending a representative furnished with the bot to run the Tokyo Marathon, says tomatoes assist sprinters with combatting exhaustion by giving a brilliant wellspring of sustenance.

We've all been there, going to run another individual best in a 10k when unexpectedly we hit a stopping point.

A Japanese man wearing tomato robot at the premiere launch of tomatan
A Japanese man wearing tomato robot at the premiere launch of tomatan

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What's more, at that time all of us are thinking exactly the same thing: Damn I'd very much want to chomp into a tomato at this moment in time.

OK, so not a solitary one of us are believing that, yet that didn't stop Japanese vegetable juice organization Kagome from concocting a mechanical knapsack hit Tomatan that presents an effectively edible tomato, even while taking a run.

Tomatan holding a tomato; manufacturing of tomatan
Tomatan holding a tomato; manufacturing of tomatan

Of course, it might seem like simply an adorable PR stunt, however, Kagome demands that tomatoes "have loads of sustenance that battles exhaustion," as indicated by the International Business Times.

A Japanese man wearing tomatan with a Japanese girl standing with him making a victory sign
A Japanese man wearing tomatan with a Japanese girl standing with him making a victory sign

The creator of Otamatone Maiwa Denki was centered for the most part around its visual plan said Novmichi Tosa. The machine looks like a humanoid robot - a tomato head with a moving jaw with a store of tomatoes.

The tomato-eating robot is surely charming, assuming a piece off-kilter with its goliath tomato head gazing vacantly while two arms catch a tomato from the allocator and then, at that point, swing it over the wearer's head to ideal mouth level.

I often crave tomatoes when I'm out running. This could be the answer to my prayers!


While the 18-pound knapsack might appear to be awkward for most sprinters, Japan's biggest tomato squeeze and soup makers take care of that issue too.

Meet Tomatan, a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run

A lighter weight 6.5-pound form called Petit-Tomatan-robot that feed you was as of late worn by a representative contending in the Tokyo Marathon, which includes a tomato holster.

Indeed, we said "tomato holster."

People Also Ask

What Is Tomatan?

A habiliment Japanese robot that provides you tomatoes as you run.

Who Made Tomatan?

Made by Japanese craftsmanship aggregate Maywa Denki, Tomatan is in fact not extremely reasonable: "I will show to his side conveying my devices, very much like an F1 technician," said Nomichi Tosa of maker Meiwa Denki, conceding that "we zeroed in for the most part on its visual plan."


While we're here discussing on the off chance that an unscripted TV drama host ought to be president, Japan is driving the manner in which automatized tomato-eating robots. Mechanical nibbling should be America's distraction, hell.

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