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Topless Witches Spotted Feasting On Deer Carcass On Security Camera Footage


In a chilling discovery, Corinea Stanhope, a 36-year-old womanfrom Powell River, Canada, was left shaken after reviewing security camera footage that seemingly captured two mysterious topless witches spotted feasting on deer carcass.

Stanhope, who had come across the deer while riding one of her horses, decided to set up a trail camera to observe any nocturnal animal activity. However, what she witnessed on the footage was far from ordinary.

Topless Witches Spotted Feasting On Deer Carcass

The unsettling images from the security camera showed two figures with long, tangled black hair, standing over the lifeless deer. They were clothed only in a piece of fabric to cover their buttocks, with their faces hidden beneath the matted locks. The figures appeared to squat down, their long fingers reaching over to the carcass before picking up a hoof and taking a bite.

Stanhope was initially skeptical when her 76-year-old grandfather, Bob, informed her about the strange footage. However, upon watching it together, their disbelief turned to unease.

I don't know what the heck was up with that. It really freaked us out; it's not something you see every day.- Corinea Stanhope

Adding to the sense of fear was the proximity of the incident. Stanhope's house was just a two-minute walk from the location where the two enigmatic women were captured on camera. Concerns about the safety of her horses also arose.

It really creeped me out because it's only a two-minute walk from our house, and I was concerned about them messing with my horses at night.- Corinea Stanhope

After sharing the disturbing images online, Stanhope was flooded with comments from terrified social media users, urging her to contact the authorities. Some commenters speculated that the figures could be witches, skinwalkers, or even wendigos, mythical creatures associated with evil.

Camera Footage Of Topless Witches Spotted Feasting On Deer Carcass
Camera Footage Of Topless Witches Spotted Feasting On Deer Carcass

Stanhope also mentioned rumors circulating in town about a cult that collects animal bones, further fueling speculation about the identity and intentions of the figures.

While Stanhope considered involving the police, her grandfather reminded her that the individuals in the footage hadn't committed any illegal acts. She entertained the possibility that the incident might have been an elaborate prank by passersby who noticed the trail camera.

As the investigation into this bizarre occurrence continues, Stanhope remains on edge, grappling with the unsettling images captured on her security camera. The mysterious figures and their eerie ritual raise more questions than answers, leaving residents of Powell River wondering about the dark secrets that may lurk in their midst.

Final Thoughts

In the meantime, Stanhope hopes for an explanation that will put her fears to rest. Whether the incident was a chilling encounter with the supernatural or an elaborate prank, it serves as a haunting reminder that the boundary between the mundane and the mysterious can sometimes be breached, even in the seemingly ordinary corners of our world.

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