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Trump's Iowa Stage Appearance With 'Going To Prison' Song Lyrics Sparks Social Media Frenzy


As former President Donald Trump took the stage at Iowa's biggest political event of the year, an unexpected twist added fuel to the already intense atmosphere. Trump's Iowa stage appearance with 'going to prison' song lyrics sparks social media as Brooks & Dunn's "Only In America" played on the loudspeakers. The social media users quickly pointed out the irony of the song's lyrics, which mentioned "prison" just as the presidential hopeful faces a plethora of federal criminal charges.

Social Media Reacts As Trump Takes Stage In Iowa With Ironic Song Lyrics

The song, "Only In America," was chosen by the Iowa GOP and was used for all candidates as they began their 10-minute speeches at the Iowa GOP's Lincoln Dinner on Friday evening. However, it took on a whole new meaning when Trump, currently facing numerous federal criminal charges, took the stage. The specific lyrics that raised eyebrows were:

One could end up going to prison, one just might be president.- Only In America lyrics by Brooks & Dunn

While the Iowa GOP did not immediately respond to media inquiries, one Twitter user claimed that Team Trump was "furious" at Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds over the song choice. As of now, Trump's team has yet to provide an official response.

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/trumps-iowa-stage-appearance-with-going-to-prison-song-lyrics-sparks-social-media/ by Raven Noir on 2023-07-31T03:14:04.729Z

Twitter, being the platform for instant reactions and opinions, was abuzz with comments about the situation. State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Dave Aronberg, took to Twitter and wrote,

OMG. That line hits right when he gets on stage.- Twitter Comment

This sentiment was echoed by GOP strategist Mike Murphy, who added his commentary:

Ha! Trump is finally understanding [that Iowa Governor Kim] Reynolds didn’t get her job because she just fell off a turnip truck…. #SharpOperator BTW, earlier she was at a big Tim Scott event. And treated with due respect.- Twitter Comment

The irony of the song's lyrics cannot be ignored. "Only In America" is known for its upbeat depiction of American patriotism and a sense of hope. The lyrics speak of contrasting dreams:

One kid dreams of fame and fortune, One kid helps pay the rent, One could end up going to prison, One just might be president.- Only In America lyrics by Brooks & Dunn

It emphasizes the idea that in America, dreams can be as diverse as the people who hold them, embodying the essence of the American dream.

Trump walks onto rally stage as song lyric 'going to prison' plays

Despite the song's potential implications, the irony seemed to mostly escape the attention of the enthusiastic crowd of more than 1,000 guests who cheered as Trump bounded onstage. During his speech, Trump took the opportunity to address the ongoing legal issues surrounding him. Trump, reflecting on the challenges he currently faces, said:

If I weren’t running, I would have nobody coming after me. Or if I was losing by a lot, I would have nobody coming after me.- Former President Donald Trump

Trump's legal troubles stem from Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation into his alleged improper retention of classified records after his presidency. In June, Trump was indicted on 37 counts, including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and false statements. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.


As social media continues to buzz with reactions, the incident at the Iowa GOP's Lincoln Dinner serves as a reminder of the influence of music and how its context can drastically alter its meaning. The selection of "Only In America" with its pertinent lyrics provided an unintentional moment of reflection on Trump's legal predicament, and it remains to be seen how this episode will resonate with the public and affect the political landscape in the coming days.

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