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Woman Baffled As Mystery Pole Is Cemented Into Her Driveway


In a bizarre and perplexing incident in Tauranga, New Zealand, a woman baffled as mystery pole is cemented into her driveway. The incident captured the attention of the local community and garnered widespread media coverage due to its unusual nature.

The woman, Sophie, was left puzzled and seeking answers to the strange occurrence. The event has sparked speculation and intrigue among the public as they await an explanation for the puzzling placement of the pole.

The woman baffled as mystery pole is cemented into her driveway. Sophie Hucker of Tauranga, North Island, arrived home from her job as a teacher to discover a 6 foot pole there.

Sophie initially assumed it was something her neighbors had ordered and proceeded to deliver it to their home. The pole had been concreted into the ground at that point, she realized.

The pole, approximately 6 feet in height, had been firmly embedded into the ground with cement, suggesting a deliberate and intentional act. The woman, taken aback by the strange discovery, immediately reported the incident to local authorities, who began investigating the matter.

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She said:

I thought maybe the neighbours ordered something - maybe it's a pole for a basketball hoop. I saw and said 'oh s***' it's cemented in.- Sophie Hucker

Her second theory was that her neighbors had placed the order for the pole in order to construct a car port for an electric vehicle charging station. She believed the contractors had visited the incorrect residence.

When she contacted Tauranga City Council, who was unaware of the enigmatic new addition to her driveway, things even became heated.

Unable to think of anything, she stuck a message on the pole in the hopes that someone would see it and be able to assist her.

As news of the baffling incident spread, speculations and theories began to emerge within the community and on social media platforms. Local residents and netizens alike speculated on the possible reasons behind the pole's presence in the woman's driveway. Some theories suggested that it could be a misguided prank, while others proposed more sinister intentions.

One plausible theory that emerged was that the pole might have been accidentally placed in the wrong location during a construction project or utility work. However, this theory was met with skepticism, as the driveway is a private property, and any construction or utility work would typically require permission or notification from the property owner.

As theories regarding its purpose grew dwindling, Sophie reasoned that perhaps the pole was simply an error that someone made and neglected to fix.

Social media users found the incident amusing. She should call the "pole-ice," one person said, while another said, "I find this post offensive, can you please remove it."

After the laughter subsided, Sophie was still in possession of the pole, and she is now desperate to have it taken away.

Sophie Hucker said:

You've provided a lot of entertainment value for everyone, but can you please come and get rid of it. I do not need that pole.- Sophie Hucker


A woman baffled as mystery pole is cemented into her driveway. The baffling incident of the 6ft pole cemented into a woman's driveway in Tauranga, New Zealand, has captivated the attention of the public and media alike.

With no clear explanation yet, the case continues to puzzle everyone, leaving the woman and her community anxiously awaiting answers. As the investigation proceeds, the hope remains that the mystery will be solved, bringing an end to the enigmatic pole in the driveway.

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