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Woman Billed $30k Instead Of $55 For Uber Trip, Shocking!


An American couple's dream vacation in Costa Rica turned into a financial nightmare when they received a staggering Uber bill of nearly $30,000 for a ride. The woman billed $30k instead of $55 for Uber trip, Dominique and her husband Douglas Ordonez took to social media to share their shocking experience and bring attention to the issue.

Woman Billed $30k Instead Of $55 For Uber Trip On Her 5th Anniversary With Husband

Douglas Ordonez took to Twitter to express his disbelief, sharing a screenshot of the mind-boggling $29,994 Uber bill. He wrote, "Uber charged me $29,994 USD for an Uber ride in Costa Rica."

A twitter post about the Uber overcharge by Douglas Ordonez.
A twitter post about the Uber overcharge by Douglas Ordonez.

The couple had expected a simple currency conversion from Costa Rican colones to USD, but they were met with an astronomical charge that left their account severely overdrawn during their fifth-anniversary celebration.

Despite Uber's prompt response, assuring the couple that their specialized team would resolve the issue, Dominique and Douglas had to endure an agonizing wait of over a day for a concrete response. Frustrated with the lack of progress, Dominique decided to share their story on TikTok.

In the caption, Dominique highlighted the staggering discrepancy: "@Uber charged me $29,994 for a single ride! Correct conversion should have been $54, but was charged 600% more."

In her video, which quickly went viral with over 5 million views, she showcased the details of the erroneous transaction and their unsuccessful attempts to communicate with both Uber and Altura Credit Union, their bank.

According to Dominique, they were supposed to be charged 29,994 Costa Rican colones, equivalent to approximately $55.32, for the Uber ride. However, they were stunned to find themselves dealing with a 600% overcharge. Despite numerous attempts to resolve the issue, the couple felt ignored by both Uber and Altura Credit Union. Dominique expressed her frustration with the lack of satisfactory customer service and Uber's failure to provide concrete assistance.

Southern California couple charged nearly $30,000 for Uber ride while on vacation

Dominique further alleged that Altura Credit Union held her accountable for the massive charge due to a travel notice placed on her card, which supposedly allowed the transaction to bypass security measures. Stranded and unable to access their funds while abroad, the couple eagerly awaited a resolution.

Thankfully, a glimmer of hope emerged when the charge was finally reversed, allowing the couple to continue their vacation. Dominique expressed her relief, stating, "I ended up getting all my money back." She was astonished by the bank's oversight and characterized it as a failure of security measures and negligence.

Uber's Response And Resolution Of The Issue

Uber confirmed that the issue had been resolved with the bank, and subsequently, Altura Credit Union sent an apology email to Dominique, acknowledging the conversion mix-up. In a statement to The New York Post, Uber assured that the problem had been addressed, referring to Dominique's subsequent posts on Twitter and TikTok.

The incident involving the Ordonez couple serves as a cautionary tale for travelers using ride-hailing services abroad. It highlights the importance of closely monitoring transactions and using secure payment methods, such as credit cards, for international charges.

While Uber and Altura Credit Union eventually resolved the issue for the couple, it raises questions about the effectiveness of security measures and the need for improved customer support in such situations.

As travelers continue to rely on ride-hailing services around the world, incidents like these underscore the necessity for companies like Uber to prioritize robust security measures, efficient customer service, and timely resolution of payment disputes.

Preventing Overcharged Uber Rides Internationally

How to Dispute a Charge in Uber !

When it comes to using Uber for your international travels, it's essential to be aware of how fares are calculated and to understand the factors that can contribute to overcharging. Recent incidents, such as the shocking case of the American couple charged nearly $30,000 for an Uber ride in Costa Rica, highlight the importance of taking proactive steps to prevent such occurrences.

Understanding Fare Calculation

Uber fares are determined based on various factors, and it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the different types of fares to ensure transparency and avoid unexpected charges. The two primary types of fares are upfront fares and post-trip fares.

Upfront Fares

With upfront pricing, you receive an exact cost estimate for your trip before requesting a ride. This fare includes components such as a base rate, rates for estimated time and distance, the current demand for rides in the area, as well as any applicable surcharges, fees, and tolls.

It's important to note that your fare may increase if you make changes to the destination or request additional stops during the ride, or if the trip duration exceeds the estimated time significantly. If the upfront fare is not honored for any reason, you will be charged the minimum fare or a fare based on the actual time and distance of your trip. Always review your receipt to understand any discrepancies between the upfront fare and the final charged amount.

Post-Trip Fares

In some cities, upfront fares may not be available, and you will be charged based on a minimum fare or the time and distance of your trip's route. Post-trip fares include a base fare, booking fee, surcharges, tolls, and other relevant factors such as dynamic pricing during periods of high demand in the area where you request the ride. Keep in mind that fares can vary depending on your location, the selected vehicle option, and other factors.

Tips To Prevent Overcharging

To ensure a smooth and fair Uber experience while traveling internationally, consider the following tips:

  • Review Fare Estimates- Before requesting an Uber ride, use the fare estimate feature within the app to get an approximate idea of the cost. This will help you assess whether the fare aligns with your expectations.
  • Choose Reliable Payment Methods - Link a credit card to your Uber account for international charges whenever possible. Credit cards often provide additional security and easier resolution in case of disputes.
  • Monitor Your Trip - Keep an eye on the route being taken during the ride to ensure it aligns with your intended destination. If you notice any discrepancies, address them with the driver or contact Uber support immediately.
  • Keep Documentation - Always save your receipts and trip details. If you encounter an overcharged fare, having detailed documentation will assist you in resolving the issue with Uber's customer support.
  • Contact Uber Support- In case of any billing discrepancies or overcharged fares, reach out to Uber's customer support promptly. Provide them with all relevant details and evidence to expedite the resolution process.

By understanding how Uber fares are calculated and implementing these preventative measures, you can minimize the risk of overcharged rides while enjoying the convenience of Uber during your international travels.

Remember, being informed and proactive is key to ensuring a positive and fair ride-hailing experience wherever your adventures take you.

Bank Accountability And Security Measures In Payment Disputes

How do banks investigate disputes?

In situations where payment discrepancies or issues arise, the role of banks becomes crucial in resolving such matters. This holds true even in cases involving ride-hailing services like Uber, as highlighted by the recent incident where an American couple was overcharged nearly $30,000 for an Uber ride in Costa Rica. Understanding the relevance of banks in addressing payment disputes can help individuals navigate such situations effectively.

Gathering Information To Support Your Claim

When encountering discrepancies in bank transactions, it is essential to gather the necessary information to support your claim. Keeping receipts for deposits and other banking transactions becomes crucial during such instances.

These receipts serve as evidence and should be retained until the issue is resolved. Additionally, highlighting specific transactions on your statement and researching them online can provide further insights and clarity.

Contacting The Bank

To address payment discrepancies, contacting your bank is vital. While calling customer service is an option, speaking with bank representatives in person at a branch is often the most effective approach. Recording the dates, times, and details of your conversations, as well as any employee reference numbers provided, can be immensely helpful.

These records not only aid in future reference but also strengthen your claim when money is missing or significant discrepancies are found in your account.

It is crucial to remain calm and composed when engaging with bank employees. Demonstrating patience and maintaining a respectful demeanor can foster a more cooperative environment and increase the likelihood of receiving the necessary assistance.

Exercising Patience

Resolving payment issues at the bank requires patience. Investigations into missing deposits or unauthorized transactions may take time. Initiating a meeting with the bank regarding the discrepancy is often just the starting point for the research needed to resolve the problem.

The bank may need to review the teller's transactions, analyze ATM records, or conduct further analysis to determine the cause of the issue.

Following Up

Follow up promptly on any paperwork or additional steps recommended by the bank. In cases of unauthorized transactions, filing a police report may be necessary before the bank can take action.

If the issue persists, consider closing the account to prevent further complications while attempting to address the discrepancy. Remember to update any automatic transfers, payment options, and direct deposit arrangements accordingly.

Maintaining Regular Account Balancing

To stay on top of your finances and identify mistakespromptly, it is crucial to regularly balance your account against your statement. This practice ensures that all transactions are accounted for, enabling you to identify discrepancies and address them promptly. Utilizing online budgeting apps can streamline this process.

Keeping A Running Account Total

In addition to balancing your account, maintaining a running total of the funds in your account is essential. Relying solely on the balance displayed at ATMs or on deposit slips can be misleading as they do not include outstanding debit card transactions and checks. By keeping an accurate account total, you can avoid the risk of overdrawing your account.

Considering Switching Banks

If a bank consistently experiences discrepancies and other issues, individuals may contemplate switching banks. However, it is crucial to ensure that any mistakes are genuinely the bank's responsibility and not the result of personal errors such as inadequate account monitoring or balancing. Evaluating the bank's fees alongside the discrepancies can also influence the decision to switch to a different financial institution.

How to Switch Banks in 5 Easy Steps infographic
How to Switch Banks in 5 Easy Steps infographic

By understanding the role of banks in resolving payment disputes and taking appropriate steps to address issues, individuals can navigate such situations effectively. Proper communication, documentation, and maintaining financial vigilance contribute to a smoother resolution process, ensuring the security and accuracy of banking transactions.

People Also Ask

Will Uber Refund Money?

Yes, Uber provides full refunds for upfront fares if you decide to cancel your trip. The refund may not include any cancellation fee charged. The processing time for refunds can vary, typically taking up to 7 business days, depending on your bank issuer.

Why Is Uber Taking $1 From My Account?

The $1 charge is a security measure employed by some merchants, including Uber, to ensure the validity and security of the customer's card. This authorization charge is processed to confirm that the card is not lost or stolen.

What Is The Uber Pay Scandal?

The Uber pay scandal refers to wage disputes that came to light in May 2017. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) filed a class-action lawsuit against Uber, accusing the company of underpaying New York City drivers by calculating driver commissions based on a net amount. This resulted in tens of millions of dollars in underpayment over a period of 2.5 years.


In conclusion, the incident of a woman billed $30k instead of $55 for Uber trip highlights the importance of accurate fare calculations and transparent payment processes. This unfortunate occurrence underscores the need for effective communication between customers, Uber, and financial institutions to promptly resolve payment disputes.

The role of banks in ensuring accountability and implementing robust security measures is crucial to safeguarding customers' financial interests. It serves as a reminder for both riders and service providers to remain vigilant in maintaining accurate transactions and providing timely assistance in case of discrepancies.

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