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Woman Finds Heartbreaking Note In Pocket Of Charity Shop Jacket


A woman finds heartbreaking note in pocket of charity shop jacketthat has left her feeling unsettled. The unexpected discovery has raised concerns about the origin and intention of the note. The incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected surprises that can be found in second-hand clothing and the importance of staying vigilant.

The woman, whose identity has been kept confidential, stumbled upon the chilling note after purchasing a jacket from a local charity shop. As she reached into the pocket to check for any forgotten items, her fingers unexpectedly brushed against a small piece of paper. Curiosity piqued, she pulled it out and was taken aback by the content written on it.

According to the woman's account, the note contained a cryptic message that left her feeling uneasy. Its contents hinted at a potential connection to a dark secret or unknown event. The woman, understandably shaken, immediately reported the discovery to the charity shop and local authorities.

The message reads:

Bury me in this red suit.

Given that the garment was discovered in a thrift store, it appears that its previous possessor was unsuccessful. Many Facebook users commented on the odd discovery, stating that it was sad that the woman never received what she desired.

One person wrote: "Well SOMEONE didn't get their dying wish." Another person said: "This is sad af."

A third commented:"Oh, I hope she got buried in something wonderful."Another added: "Well, that makes me really sad. Either her one humble wish was not honoured or... Maybe she's living forever!"

Upon receiving the report, the charity shop and local law enforcement swiftly launched an investigation into the origin of the note. The authorities are treating the incident with utmost seriousness, taking into consideration the potential implications and ensuring the safety of the woman who made the discovery.

While details regarding the exact content of the note have not been disclosed to protect the investigation, the incident has garnered significant attention from both local and online communities. Many have expressed their concerns and offered support to the woman, urging her to remain cautious and stay vigilant.

This incident in which a woman finds a heartbreaking note in the pocket of a charity shop jacket highlights the importance of being vigilant when purchasing second-hand items, especially clothing.

While charity shops are generally reliable sources of second-hand goods, unexpected items or messages can sometimes be found in pockets or hidden compartments. It serves as a reminder that we should remain observant and exercise caution, even in seemingly harmless situations.


A woman finds heartbreaking note in pocket of charity shop jacket. The discovery of a disturbing note in the pocket of a charity shop jacket has raised questions and concerns regarding the origin and purpose of the message.

The incident is being investigated, and local authorities are taking necessary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the woman involved. This unsettling discovery serves as a reminder to remain vigilant when purchasing second-hand items and to report any concerning findings promptly. It also highlights the challenges faced by charity shops in thoroughly inspecting every donated item.

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