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A Shocking Video Of Woman Sprays Breast Milk At Crowds Like A Super Soaker During Rave


Normally, people at a festival or a party splash or pour water, liquor, and colored drinks at one another as a form of celebration, and they are overjoyed. But what if someone at the party you're attending pours and squirts breastmilk instead of water or any other flavored drink? SO strange! That situation happens at a Dirtybird Campout festival in the US wherein one woman was caught squirting breastmilk to many partygoers. Let me share this with you.

The Viral Video

A blonde woman wearing a black leotard, cap, and sunglasses was recorded dancing at Dirtybird Campout in Southern California. The video then shows her revealing her breast by pulling down the sides of her dress and squirting milk while dancing. What is the reaction of the people who also in the festival?

Another festivalgoer even kneels down and opens their mouth to try to drink the breastmilk while the others find it very strange. People at the festival were shocked to see Eric Falconi's footage.

Like a "super soaker," the spray was said to be like that. The original video has already been viewed more than 2,000,000 times, with many social media users shocked by what they saw in it.

Dirty Campout Festival

Dirty campout is an adult summer camp-themed musicfestival. It's a mix of different types of music. Dirtybird is having a party at the beginning of October, and they want you to show off your childlike side. You can leave the frantic city life behind.

Where Is Dirtybird Campout 2021

Dirtybird Campout is a one-of-a-kind multi-genre music festival in Waterford, California, that will have the vibe of an adult summer camp.

Breastfeeding Hand Compression

A mother who pushes her breast to produce milk and her baby sips into it.
A mother who pushes her breast to produce milk and her baby sips into it.

What is breastfeeding hand compression? It pertains to putting any pressure on the outside of your breast to help milk flow.

Breast compressions can be helpful for:

  • Babies who aren't gaining weight quickly, because breast compressions can help move more milk around in the breast.
  • Irritable babies who are frustrated that their milk isn't arriving as quickly as they'd want.
  • Babies who need to eat frequently or for lengthy periods of time
  • Painful nipples due to the amount of time your kid is sucking on them during feedings
  • Babies who fall asleep quickly and suck without drinking and babies who suck to calm instead of drinking more milk.

How To Do Breast Compressions

  • Find a place and a way to breastfeed that is comfortable for you.
  • Help your baby learn how to latch on.
  • With the other hand, hold your breast up.
  • Take a look at your baby as you feed them.
  • When your baby no longer drinks with a wide-open-mouth-pause-close-mouth suck pattern, squeeze your breasts.
  • Do not let go of a compressive hold on your breasts.
  • Keep doing breast compressions on one breast until the baby no longer wants to suck, and then switch to the other breast and do the same thing again.
  • Make sure that the baby has another breast to drink from.


The article reveals the footage of an outrageous woman who squirts her breastmilk to the public and peoples reaction about this viral video. This article content also suggest the proper way of doing Breastfeeding hand compression.

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