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Woman Was ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ When She Discovered Husband Of 17 Years Is Her Cousin


A woman was ‘sick to her stomach’ when she discovered husband of 17 years is her cousin. This unexpected discovery has garnered attention and sparked discussions about the complexities of familial connections and the profound impact such revelations can have on one's personal life.

Celina Quinones, The Woman Was ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ When She Discovered Husband Of 17 Years Is Her Cousin

The woman, Celina Quinones, lived blissfully unaware of her husband's true familial connection for nearly two decades. They had a seemingly happy marriage, raising three children together and enjoying a life that appeared to be built on a solid foundation of love and trust. However, their world was turned upside down when an undisclosed source revealed the startling truth.

When the woman initially learned of her husband's familial connection, she was overcome with a wave of emotions. The woman was ‘sick to her stomach’ when she discovered husband of 17 years is her cousin.

She was shocked by the unexpected newsthat the person she had shared her life with for so long was actually her blood relative. The revelation undoubtedly shattered the sense of security and stability they had built over the years.

Discovering that a long-term partner is a close relative can lead to a range of intense emotions and psychological distress. The woman in question experienced a profound sense of confusion, guilt, and betrayal.

She grappled with the complex emotions stemming from the realization that her marriage was based on a mistaken understanding of their family ties. Coping with such a revelation can be a deeply challenging and personal journey, as individuals navigate their own feelings of loss, shock, and reevaluating their past and future.

But, the pair has decided to keep their marriage despite societal criticism, and they have received unflinching support from their family.

Woman Discovers Husband Of 17 Years Is Her Cousin - Impact On Relationship

A woman who unknowingly wed her own cousin claimed the realization made her feel "sick to her stomach." At a Halloween party, Celina Quinones, 37, and her husband Joseph, 44, both from Colorado in the US, first met.

They decided to go on a date and, in Celina's words, "were inseparable after that. The couple got married and had three children together shortly after they first met. But after ten years of marriage, they made the startling realization that they were connected genetically.

Celina Quinones with her husband Joseph
Celina Quinones with her husband Joseph

According to Celina, neither she nor her husband had any notion that they were related and only learned the truth once she began looking into her family history.

She recalled the crucial finding and how it changed her life:

We decided to do our DNA test and that's when we found out. I was a little sick to my stomach. In my head, I thought we were supposed to get divorced.- Celina Quinones

Their shared ancestry analysis revealed a match of 62 centimorgans, or centimorgans, which is a metric for evaluating genetic linkage. This effectively means that the two shared an eight-generation ancestor.

Even though Joseph could see the facts clearly, he was originally "completely in denial." "The DNA test has confirmed that we are third to fifth cousins,"Celina said.

Celina claimed that after considering divorce, she started to think about what it would mean for their three children, and eventually they decided to stay married.

The woman continued:

I started more thinking to myself like 'Hey for our children, for our household we need to keep it together and stay together.' It was a pivotal moment for us because you're not supposed to look at your cousin or be with your cousin and I didn't mean it but it happened that way.- Celina Quinones

"We've gone this far and it's til death do us part in my books so I wasn't gonna leave over something like that", Joseph continued.

When the couple chose to share their tale on TikTok, trolls inundated them with hateful comments, calling their marriage "sick." Joseph, who was speaking to those who were criticizing them, said:

To the people who were giving us negative comments, it's easy to speak on the outside without knowing the whole inside story. We found out almost 11 years later, three kids later... It's just not something you break up and walk away from.- Joseph

The couple will commemorate their 17th wedding anniversary the following month, and they report that their children are okay with the unusual arrangement.

Societal Perceptions And Support

Upon learning of this unusual situation, the woman expressed concern about how others might perceive her and her family. She acknowledged the potential judgment and misunderstanding that could arise from the revelation, highlighting the need for empathy and support during such challenging times.

Sharing such personal experiences often leads to public scrutiny and can complicate the healing process for those involved.

The revelation that a couple is unknowingly related raises questions about the legal and societal implications of their marriage. Depending on the jurisdiction, their marital status may be subject to legal review, and they might face decisions regarding their future together.

Additionally, societal norms and cultural beliefs surrounding cousin relationships can vary, adding further complexity to the situation and potentially affecting the couple's social support network.

Couple with 3 Kids Find Out They're Cousins After Taking DNA Test 10 Years Into Marriage | PEOPLE

Coping With The Revelation Of A Long-term Partner Being A Relative

Coping with the revelation that a long-term partner is a blood relative can be an incredibly challenging and emotionally overwhelming experience. This unexpected discovery shakes the very foundation of a relationship and raises a multitude of complex emotions and questions. Navigating this situation requires tremendous strength, self-reflection, and support to process the shock and chart a path forward.

Initial Shock And Emotional Turmoil

When faced with the revelation that a long-term partner is a relative, individuals often experience a profound sense of shock and disbelief. The news can be difficult to comprehend, leading to a range of intense emotions such as confusion, disbelief, anger, sadness, and even disgust. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel overwhelmed, as they attempt to process the implications of this newfound information.

Guilt And Self-Blame

In the aftermath of such a revelation, individuals may find themselves grappling with feelings of guilt and self-blame. They might question how they missed the signs or berate themselves for not uncovering the truth earlier. It is crucial to understand that discovering a hidden familial connection is not a failure on their part but rather an unforeseen circumstance.

Reevaluating The Relationship

Learning that a long-term partner is a relative necessitates a thorough reevaluation of the relationship. Questions about the authenticity of the emotional connection, the shared experiences, and the depth of intimacy may arise. Individuals may find themselves revisiting memories and moments in light of this new information, attempting to make sense of their past together.

Communication And Open Dialogue

Open and honest communication becomes essential during this challenging period. Both individuals must be willing to express their emotions, fears, and concerns in a safe and non-judgmental space. Sharing thoughts and feelings with each other can foster understanding and empathy, creating a foundation for healing and moving forward. It is crucial to approach conversations with compassion and active listening, allowing each person to express their perspectives.

Seeking Professional Support

Coping with the revelation of a long-term partner being a relative often requires professional assistance. Seeking the guidance of therapists, counselors, or support groups can provide individuals with a supportive environment to process their emotions and navigate the complexities of the situation.

These professionals can offer tools and strategies to cope with the emotional turmoil, facilitate constructive communication, and assist in making informed decisions about the future.

Self-Care And Personal Reflection

Engaging in self-care practices becomes paramount when dealing with such a profound and life-altering revelation. Taking time for oneself, engaging in activities that promote well-being, and seeking solace in supportive relationships can aid in the healing process.

Engaging in personal reflection and introspection allows individuals to gain clarity, identify their needs and priorities, and find the strength to move forward.

Acceptance And Moving Forward

Achieving a place of acceptance is a significant milestone in coping with the revelation of a long-term partner being a relative. It involves acknowledging the reality of the situation and embracing the complexities of emotions that accompany it. Acceptance does not necessarily mean continuing the relationship as it was, but rather finding a path that aligns with personal growth, values, and future aspirations.

Redefined Relationships

The process of coping with such a revelation often leads to a redefinition of relationships, both within the couple and with their wider family. This may involve renegotiating boundaries, establishing new dynamics, and navigating the potential impact on shared social circles. It is essential to approach these adjustments with open-mindedness, compassion, and a willingness to adapt.

Seeking Support Networks

Building a support network of trusted friends, family members, or support groups can provide individuals with a sense of belonging and understanding. Sharing experiences with others who have undergone similar challenges can offer validation, guidance, and a sense of community. Surrounding oneself with compassionate and non-judgmental individuals can facilitate the healing process and provide ongoing support.

People Also Ask

How Did The Woman React When She Discovered Her Husband Of 17 Years Was Her Cousin?

The woman expressed feeling sick to her stomach upon learning the truth.

How Long Were The Woman And Her Husband Unaware Of Their Familial Connection?

They lived together for 17 years without realizing they were cousins.

What Impact Did The Revelation Have On Their Relationship?

The revelation strained their trust and intimacy, requiring them to reevaluate their future together.

How Did The Woman Anticipate Others Would Perceive Her And Her Family?

She expressed concern about potential judgment and misunderstanding from society due to their unique situation.

What Steps Can Individuals Take To Navigate The Emotional Turmoil After Such A Revelation?

Seeking professional help, such as counseling or therapy, can assist individuals in processing their emotions and making informed decisions about moving forward.


A woman was ‘sick to her stomach’ when she discovered husband of 17 years is her cousin. The discovery has disrupted the foundation of their marriage, leading to profound emotional distress and challenging the future of their relationship.

This extraordinary story highlights the complexity of familial connections and the profound impact that unexpected revelations can have on one's personal life. Navigating the aftermath of such a discovery requires deep introspection, open communication, and the support of professionals and loved ones to find a path toward healing and personal growth.

Coping with the revelation that a long-term partner is a blood relative is an emotionally arduous journey. It demands immense strength, introspection, and support from professionals and loved ones.

By embracing open communication, seeking professional guidance, practicing self-care, and fostering acceptance, individuals can navigate this unexpected and life-altering revelation and forge a path towards healing and personal growth. Ultimately, finding peace and moving forward requires resilience, self-compassion, and a commitment to creating a new and authentic future.

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