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Woman Who Lost Almost 417 Pounds Undergoes Surgery To Get Rid Of 47 Pounds Of Excess Skin


A woman who lost almost 417 pounds undergoes surgery to get rid of 47 pounds of excess skin. Yes, you got it right. Loose skin after a huge weight loss is common so people tend to go for surgeries.

A 44-year-old woman who lost almost 417 pounds undergoes surgery to get rid of 47 pounds of excess skin. That woman lost 417 pounds over the course of almost five years filmed the painful procedure she went through to get rid of 47 pounds of extra skin around her stomach and waist.

Teresa Parent of Long Beach, California, had surgery in December. Since then, she has been giving updates on her recovery to her more than 910,000 followers on TikTok. Right before the surgery, she posted a raw and emotional video of herself.

She adds in the video, which has been viewed more than 1.1 million times since December 7, β€˜They’re about to take me back for surgery,’ before breaking down in tears.


I just want to tell anyone who is on a journey to try to save their life or change their life for the better to lose weight, just believe in yourself because you will be blown away with how much you can accomplish and what you can do by just believing in yourself and not giving up.

- Teresa Parent

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/woman-who-lost-almost-417-pounds-undergoes-surgery-to-get-rid-of-47-pounds-of-excess-skin/ by Kane Perkins on 2023-01-13T03:44:54.562Z

After she recovered from the procedure to remove what she dubbed her "apron," Teresa also shared heartbreaking footage on social media.

A visibly upset but sleepy Teresa adds as she lies in a hospital bed.

β€˜I’ve never been without my stomach,’ β€˜I can’t believe it. My stomach is gone… that skin was literally the last thing of all my grief. β€˜I felt so sad and I made myself feel bad for so long and I’m tired of feeling like I didn’t deserve to be happy, but I do.’

Teresa's life has been very interesting. In 2019, she told that she had gained 570 pounds after bingeing on junk food to deal with the deaths of her mother and brother in 2001 and 2003. The instructor claimed that she consumed roughly 10,000 calories daily.

She had a small heart attack in 2016, and the doctor warned her that if she didn't make significant lifestyle changes, she might pass away within five years.

Teresa Parent after tummy tuck surgery
Teresa Parent after tummy tuck surgery

Teresa was motivated by the news to change what she ate and how she worked out before she had gastric surgery to make her stomach the size of an egg.

The 44-year-old uploaded mirror-selfie videos of her metamorphosis in the days after her latest operation.

On December 8, she published a TikTok video of herself using a walker and a navy blue robe with the caption, "I am so pleased." As she turns to display her profile, she adds in the video, "I feel small for the first time in my life."

Teresa also discusses a few "firsts" she is going through after having an abdominoplasty to remove her excess skin.

In the caption of one video posted on December 26, she states:


Normally I have to set everything down on top of my stomach. It was surreal today when I went to rest my arms and journal on my belly and it was gone. This is just one way that my life has been forever changed because of @drcharliechen and his amazing team.’

- Teresa Parent

Teresa expressed her delight at being able to cross her legs in another video. She turns the camera to face her lap and says, "I want to show you guys something that is so amazing for me."

"Something I’ve never been able to do. Obviously, my stomach is back here now, there is no apron covering all the way to my knees. But now I can literally pick up my leg and I can cross my legs. I can cross my legs without having this big apron hanging down to my knees, such a good feeling."

Teresa sent her followers an update over the weekend on a problem she had in the days preceding New Year's Eve.

Teresa said that she was still having trouble breathing and was still taking blood thinners and sleeping. She also said that the blood clot was still there and that she was still taking blood thinners and sleeping.

Teresa Parent's Life Was Saved Via Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tucks, also referred to as abdominoplasty in medicine, enhance the stomach's look. The abdominal region's extra skin, fat, and connective tissues are surgically removed and tightened.

A more toned appearance is the end effect. Many men and women undertake the procedure to improve their perception of their bodies.

The procedure of choice for postpartum ladies with a protracted "mummy stomach" is a tummy tuck. Two abdominal muscles that can separate during pregnancy are called the rectus diastasis, which is repaired through surgery.

According to statistics, there were around 130,000 belly tucks carried out in the US in 2016. Each year, there are around 3,000 private performances in the UK.

A tummy tuck carries the same risks of bleeding, infection, and bad anesthetic reactions as any other major surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Side Effects

A seroma, or fluid accumulation beneath the skin, can also result from it. They may acquire an infection.

Tummy Tuck Risks Of Death

Abdominoplasty has a mortality rate of 1:10-3000.

Tummy Tuck Animation

People Also Ask

How Do You Get Rid Of Extra Skin After Weight Loss?

Body contouring sometimes referred to as "body shaping," is a surgical technique that enhances the shape and tone of your body's tissue by removing the loose skin that is left over after weight loss.

Does Everyone Have Excess Skin After Gastric Bypass?

The majority of my patients have some additional skin, but if they have a BMI that is lower than average, they won't have as much skin to deal with.

Will I Have Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery?

Many people who have weight reduction surgery lose so much weight (typically more than 100 pounds) that their skin becomes sagging or loose. Since the skin doesn't go away, most people are left with extra skin and complain that it is looser or saggier than it was before surgery.

How Do You Prevent Loose Skin After Weight Loss Surgery?

  • Plan your meals with protein in mind.
  • Consume vitamins that increase skin elasticity.
  • Remain hydrated.
  • Medical and med spa services.
  • Cardio and strength training alternated.


A woman who lost almost 417 pounds undergoes surgery to get rid of 47 pounds of excess skin. For more than five years, Teresa Parent has chronicled her difficult journey to lose weight.

The woman uploaded a popular TikTok video that garnered more than 30 million views a little more than a month ago.

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