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Woman With Largest Mouth Gape Sets Second Record In Guinness World Of Records


Samantha Ramsdell, the woman with largest mouth gape sets second record in Guinness. She's a popular TikTok sensation boasting an impressive three million followers, and has undoubtedly made a name for herself due to her remarkable facial feature. Often the subject of speculation and wonder, Samantha's jaw-dropping mouth size has garnered significant attention on the social media platform. Her TikTok clips are flooded with comments, and she firmly shuts down the doubts with a confident statement.

No, it's not a filter... it's just my face.- Samantha Ramsdell

TikTok Star Samantha Ramsdell Sets Two Guinness World Records For Her Extraordinary Mouth Size

Samantha's videos do more than just prove her unique facial characteristic – they also showcase her status as a two-time Guinness World Record holder. On 15 July, she uploaded a video to TikTok confirming her official recognition by displaying the coveted Guinness World Records certificates.

"Ayyy what that mouth can do," the caption playfully reads, as Samantha proudly exhibits her certificates to the camera, substantiating her outstanding accomplishments.

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The first certificate celebrates her groundbreaking achievement in the category of 'mouth gape.' The record reads, "Guinness World Records Certificate. The largest mouth gape (female) is 6.52cm (2.56 in) and was achieved by Samantha Ramsdell (USA) in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, on 15 July 2021. Officially amazing."

Largest Mouth Gape - Guinness World Records

Not content with just one record, Samantha's insatiable passion for setting new milestones led her to achieve her second Guinness World Record for the 'widest mouth.' The second certificate reads, "Guinness World Records Certificate. The widest mouth (female) is 10.33 centimeters and belongs to Samantha Ramsdell (USA) as verified in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, on 29 November 2022."

Samantha's incredible feat has sparked a frenzy of admiration and accolades from her followers. The video has become a hub of celebration, with many users flocking to congratulate her on these extraordinary accomplishments.

One TikTok user exclaimed:

That's awesome! Good for you.- TikTok User

while another playfully commented:

I've been in dentistry for 21 years, and you would be my fav patient to work on lol.- TikTok User

The admiration continues, with one user expressing awe:

That's actually pretty cool. Congratulations! You go, girl!- TikTok User

The impact of Samantha's unique records even reached those who had always questioned her authenticity, as one user admitted:

I literally always thought you were using a filter for your mouth lol.- TikTok User

Samantha Ramsdell holding her Guiness Certificate
Samantha Ramsdell holding her Guiness Certificate

Samantha Ramsdell's journey from a TikTok sensation to a Guinness World Record holder exemplifies the power of individuality and embracing one's distinctive features. Her resilience and confidence in the face of skepticism have undoubtedly inspired many, and her accomplishments have earned her a well-deserved spot in the world of record-breaking achievements.


As she continues to share her experiences and spread positivity through her TikTok platform, Samantha remains an inspiring figure for her millions of followers. With her larger-than-life personality and an even larger mouth gape, she proves that embracing oneself fully can lead to awe-inspiring accomplishments that leave the world in awe. Congratulations to Samantha Ramsdell, the TikTok star who has left an indelible mark in the Guinness World Records history!

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