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Woman With Toilet Paper Eating Disorder Says She Can Have Up To Four Rolls A Day


The story of a woman with a peculiar eating disorder has recently surfaced, capturing the attention of the media and the public alike. The woman, Kinah, claims to have a rare condition called "Toilet Paper Eating Disorder" or "TPED." The woman with Toilet Paper Eating Disorder says she can have up to four rolls a day.

This extraordinary and unusual case has raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about the nature of eating disorders and their potential underlying causes.

The woman with Toilet Paper Eating Disorder says she can have up to four rolls a day. Sufferers of TPED often experience an uncontrollable desire to eat toilet paper, despite the potential risks to their health.

Kinah, who was recently featured on TLC's My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted?, eats her favorite snack throughout the day, wherever she goes, including "work, in the car, or at the nail salon."

She claimed in a Twitter preview of the episode:

I eat toilet paper from the second I get up in the morning. You know that feeling, like after Thanksgiving, you've eaten all your favorite foods and you're just sitting on your couch and you're just relaxing, like, that's what I feel after I eat toilet paper. And guess what, toilet paper has zero calories. And it wont even give you a hangover.- Kinah

Kinah has used 14,000 pounds (6,350 kg) of toilet paper in the last 20 years, according to TLC.

Her addiction costs her $2,700 each year.

According to the woman's statements, her condition is more than just a passing phase; rather, it has become a daily struggle that she can't ignore. The act of eating toilet paper is seemingly soothing to her, providing some form of emotional comfort or satisfaction. Despite being aware of the peculiar nature of her disorder, she appears unbothered by the curious gazes of strangers in public places.

Kinah acknowledges that her addiction to eating toilet paper leads to significant financial expenses. She reportedly spends thousands of dollars each year to satisfy her unusual craving.

However, despite the financial strain and possible health risks, she continues to indulge in this behavior. This raises questions about potential coping mechanisms and underlying psychological factors contributing to her addiction.

Kinah has become something of a toilet paper connoisseur over the last two decades, preferring thinner one-ply paper over thicker material since it's easier to swallow.


The woman with Toilet Paper Eating Disorder says she can have up to four rolls a day. The story of the woman with Toilet Paper Eating Disorder has brought attention to a rare and unusual condition known as TPED. Her consumption of up to four rolls of toilet paper per day highlights the severity and persistence of the disorder.

The psychological factors contributing to TPED and its potential effects on the individual's physical and mental well-being warrant further investigation and understanding. This case serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness, empathy, and support for those dealing with eating disorders and other psychological conditions.

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