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Woman's Childhood Trauma Causes Fear Of Overflowing Baths


A woman's childhood trauma causes fear of overflowing baths, she's from Buckinghamshire. Darcey Croft has recently revealed how her fear of overflowing baths has plagued her life since she was a child. As a four-year-old, she witnessed the ceiling of her home falling onto her mother, causing the water to overflow while she was in the bath.

This traumatic incident combined with others, such as being held underwater by a classmate and bumping her head in the bath, has created a debilitating fear of overflowing tubs and large bodies of water.

Woman Reveals Lifelong Fear Of Overflowing Baths After Witnessing Traumatic Incident As A Child

For thirty years, Darcey would experience crippling panic attacks, nausea, and dizziness every time she left a room while the bath was running. Despite her love for baths and relaxation, Darcey struggled with the fear that the bath level had risen when she was away from the room.

It wasn't a fear of water - I love swimming and actually I love having a bath.- Darcey Croft

But the fear of overflowing or lapping water - blocked toilets, full sinks, overflowing baths, any bathroom scenarios. I'd have panic attacks, my heart would race, I would feel faint, dizzy and sick, all the blood would drain from my head.- Darcey Croft

Darcey, who is a specialist mental health midwife with training in hypnotherapy, tried self-hypnosis in a bid to get over her fear. She listens to recordings she's made, which put her in a deep trance and guide her through the bath overflowing.

She claimed that it worked, saying that she's now "at least 80 percent cured", and some days has no fear at all.

Darcey Croft sitting on the side of a bathtub
Darcey Croft sitting on the side of a bathtub

Speaking about her experience, Darcey said: "Anyone experiencing a phobia, it’s a horrible state to feel mentally and physically. It isn't a good place to be in. It feels fantastic to be free from that." Darcey’s story highlights the power of trauma and the different ways in which individuals can overcome it.

In response to Darcey’s story, Dr. Elena Touroni, a consultant psychologist and co-founder of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic, told Yahoo! News: "Traumatic experiences can result in long-lasting fears and phobias that can be triggered by seemingly minor stimuli.

Exposure therapy can be a helpful tool in addressing such phobias. It involves gradually exposing the individual to the feared stimulus in a safe and controlled environment until the anxiety response subsides. Hypnotherapy can also be helpful in accessing and processing traumatic memories that are causing distress.”


It’s important to acknowledge the impact that trauma can have on our mental health and well-being. Darcey’s story shows that with the right support and intervention, individuals can overcome their fears and reclaim their lives.

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