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The Top Ten Worst Music Genres In The World


You could be driving. Or walking past another person's car. Or simply sitting in your room, minding your own business. It makes no difference where you are. But every now and then, when you least expect it, all of mother culture's fury collides in a wave of malicious fate, and you find yourself suddenly exposed to someone else's horrific, unforgivable musical taste. It occurs to everyone. You have no control over the situation. Let's get started, the following are thought to be the worst music genres with the most detractors!


Guitar, hat, and boots
Guitar, hat, and boots

Country music first gained popularity in the southern United States in the 1920s. The popularity of this original, authentic genre has waned in recent years. The shift from country music to more pop-like country music, which would appeal to a larger fan base, was a major reason for this. As a result, many country music fans began to dislike the industry's current direction.

Most criticisms of country music focus on the singers' impersonation. Many people believe they don't live in the country because they have an exaggerated southern accent and dress in cowboy attire. The criticism is directed more at the artists promoted by the industry than at the music genre itself.

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6 currently famous pop artists
6 currently famous pop artists

The main criticism leveled at modern pop music is that it sounds rehashed, boring, and lacks creativity. The pop industry has certainly produced some excellent songs!

The truth is that anything popular will elicit some level of hostility. It makes no difference whether the artists are talented or not. Some people will despise a song if it becomes popular.

The majority of the criticism leveled at pop music is that it is far too concerned with appearances, that it is far too corporate, that the songs are far too generic, and that autotune is overused. Pop music, at its core, seeks to provide what the masses desire. This invariably sparks debate, with many claiming that pop music is more concerned with business and entertainment than with art.


A man rapping on stage with lots of people watching
A man rapping on stage with lots of people watching

Rap is one of those genres that attracts a lot of criticism and skepticism. Some for justifiable reasons, some for illegitimate ones. Of course, those who despise the genre as a whole will cite numerous examples of songs with foul language, explicit topics, and obnoxious disrespect for women. To be sure, some rap artists are guilty of all of these things!

Rap, on the other hand, is a hugely diverse genre that can cover a wide range of topics and issues. Rap songs also necessitate a style of wordplay and poetry that elevates it to the level of an art form in and of itself; rapping well necessitates a high level of skill.

The rule for rap music should apply to all genres on this list: your overall love or hatred should be evaluated artist by artist.


A lady anime character
A lady anime character

In 2001, the term "nightcore" was coined. The genre grew in popularity as more people applied the nightcore treatment to a wider range of non-dance genres, such as pop and hip-hop music. Nightcore is frequently regarded as a bad genre due to the fact that many of its songs are crude remixes of popular songs with increased tempos and high-pitched vocals.

While the original artists are usually credited, many people consider this to be a lack of creativity.

Anime scenes can be found in a slew of nightcore music videos. Anyone who doesn't like anime is unlikely to enjoy nightcore music videos.


BTS members in suits posing during an awards show
BTS members in suits posing during an awards show

K-pop music is frequently underappreciated because it is perceived as a cheesy commercial pop genre, and many people do not understand the lyrics.

Some people even find it offensive that English words are frequently used. The argument that K-pop music isn't proper music, like the idea that all songs sound the same, stems from a lack of understanding of music!

K-pop has grown in popularity in recent years. This, in turn, leads to more people hating the music genre due to the previously mentioned "rule" that what is popular will always receive some level of criticism.


Emo guy holding a mic
Emo guy holding a mic

Emo music is frequently associated with "emos," who are often mocked for being antisocial, sad, and extremely introverted. This association undoubtedly has negative connotations for the entire music genre for some.

Emo music addresses issues that many people would rather ignore. We also can't forget about emo fashion, which was a rebellious statement against what was considered traditional or normal.

As a result, emo music is widely reviled because it is associated with a fashion trend that many see as expressing negative emotions.

Dubstep (Brostep)

A guy wearing sunglasses smoking
A guy wearing sunglasses smoking

Most people are familiar with dubstep, which is a music genre that emphasizes aggressive, glitchy synths and distortion.

The original dubstep genre was not at all like this. It was relatively simple, with a strong emphasis on the sub-bass. Those who appreciate the original dubstep are generally not fans of the newer popular genre with the same name, and they frequently refer to it as "brostep."

One of the major issues with brostep is that the emphasis has shifted to mid-range frequencies, with sub-bass being secondary.This was primarily done to improve the sound quality on low-quality speakers, such as phone speakers. Songs were made to sound much more aggressive, and heavy mastering was used to drive them home.

Country Rap

A guy with a long beard wearing a hat and shades
A guy with a long beard wearing a hat and shades

Kid Rock's "Cowboy" is credited with launching modern country rap, which began as a trend in which hip-hop producers mixed country music into their own songs.

The mere existence of country rap music can enrage people because it combines two genres that are already divisive or underappreciated. While the combination of country and rap is not as popular as the other music genres mentioned on this list, it does receive its fair share of criticism.

Country rap music combines traditional country instruments with rap beats, usually with a sung chorus and several rap verses.


A guy with long blonde dreadlocks holding a mic
A guy with long blonde dreadlocks holding a mic

Trap music originated as a southern rap subgenre with explicit lyrics. Modern trap music has become much more mainstream, which has turned off some of its early fans.

One of the main reasons people despise trap music is that it has become overly popular and saturated. The simplistic trap drum beat began to spread to other genres, which received a similar level of criticism.

Another reason people dislike trap music is the nonsensical lyrics, which are usually riddled with excessive, random swearing.Even if trap rappers' singing is good, the songs frequently lack content, which contradicts hip hop's original roots.

Death Metal

2 men playing guitar on stage
2 men playing guitar on stage

Death metal received a lot of negative attention in the media because it was frequently blamed for inciting crime. This is due to the fact that both the music and the lyrics are frequently aggressive. The explicit images on the clothing worn by fans and artists did not help matters either.

Several death metal albums have been banned from sale in a number of countries. This is enough to understand why the genre is so reviled.

The hatred for metal music is overstated, and fans may enjoy it for very valid reasons, which you may appreciate after reading our article on why people enjoy metal music.


If anything on this list makes you angry, it's probably not because of musical inadequacy or anything else, but because it's become so mainstream that many people can't avoid being exposed to it.

Because these genres have become so popular in popular culture, they no longer represent art, but rather corporate brand propaganda. The artists who support them are there to make money, not to create works of art.

This viewpoint is understandable given that the majority of people prefer music that makes them happy or excited (commercial music genres), rather than music that is deep and thought-provoking. As a result, it is extremely frustrating for people who want to find positive energy through art but are instead bombarded with a subpar product designed solely to make money.

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