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After A Truck Flips Over, Sex Toys Scatter Across The Freeway

After a truck flips over, sex toys scatter across the freeway, which makes for some awkward reporting on September 14. The accident happened on Interstate 40 near Mustang, on the outskirts of Oklahoma City. A video showing what appears to be a truck full of sex toys and tubes of lube scattered across a freeway after a crash has gone viral on social media.

No one was hurt, but the mess was so bad that several lanes had to be closed while it was cleaned up. Local news station KWTV-News 9 took video from a helicopter that showed a lot of boxes and things with phallic shapes all over the highway. Here are some clips from the video:

In the video, Jim Gardner, a reporter who was in the helicopter, says: "This is a semi that overturned and lost its load here. There is a lot of stuff to clean up." Jim is asked by a news anchor from the station if he is able to tell what the truck is carrying and what is scattered all over the road.

As the cameras get closer for a close-up, Gardner says: "We're zooming in…not really. I can't tell. Maybe you can tell?"

A piece of news footage that was posted on Twitter and shared a lot has so far been seen 6.1 million times. Barstool Sport retweeted it and captioned it: "A tractor trailer full of dildos and lube flipped and spilled all over a highway in Oklahoma."

Users Share Jokes And Sympathies Online

The video uploaded on Twitter reached more than 3.5K retweets, 32.7K likes, and thousands of comments. We collected some of the remarkable responses online.

One Twitter user named Coddy Miller commented:

I work in warehousing and transportation. These will be thrown out and insurance claimed for full value. Sex toys and lube are held to the same sanitary standards as food. So they legally cannot resell these.

Another comment found where it reads: "Dropped their load too quick. Happens to the best of us. Prayers up."

Another user made a joke in a comment where it reads:

What a travesty...I feel for those tens of thousands of women who are waiting impatiently by their door for the carrier to bring them their 'package

YouTube users, on the other hand, have shared their reactions to the accident that occurred in a truck full of sex toys.

Machael Ho said: "Salute to camera man for zooming in to the traffic accident scene, allowing family audience to have a glimpse of the products lying on the ground."

Another user reported: "According to a witness, the truck was moving really fast and moving in and out of traffic - in and out, in and out, in and out. And then it blew its load all over."

A user named Baloo Uriza stated:

Anybody got links to the reports taken by Highway Patrol? I'd be curious what the preliminary findings are. I'm guessing road design is one contributing cause, the turnpike wasn't necessary or wanted, and its planning was really half assed, a boondoggle that should never have been built, like making traffic leaving and entering weave instead of grade seperating the ramps. If I had to guess, someone tried to use the long gap in the wall for the onramp as a second-chance offramp and got tangled up.

John McIntosh saw that the reporter seemed uncomfortable with what he saw from the boxes on the road. He commented: "I love how shes all 'Can you tell us what he's carrying there? What's all over the road.' long pause exasperated noise 'I can't tell... but the good thing is the drivers not injured.'"

Are Sex Toys Safe?

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Final Thoughts

After a truck flips over, sex toys scatter across the freeway, but no one is injured. The accident took place on a highway close to Oklahoma City on September 14th. However, it's possible that the driver felt a twinge of embarrassment when his truck spilled what appeared to be lubricant and dildos all over the road. A lot of people have said what they think about the situation in pun-filled ways.

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