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Top And Trending Beau Names 2022


Beau is one of the most famous French names. Here is a list of the trending beau names in 2022. Keep reading.


The word "beau" comes from the French language, which means handsome. Since the middle of the 20th century, people have been giving their children the name Beau as a given name, and since then, it has steadily risen in popularity.

The name might be seen as having a more feminine or more masculine connotation, depending on the country in which it is used. It is customarily given to males in the United States of America.

Beau Name Popularity

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Data from the Social Security Administration shows that Beau's popularity has recently increased and he has moved up the rankings. After coming in 467th in 2000 and 109th in 2020, Beau has made a name for himself.

White Beau text and other details written on a pink background
White Beau text and other details written on a pink background

According to an examination of Google search data, Beau reached its peak popularity in the last five years in November 2020. Since its inception as a moniker in 1969, Beau has gained a devoted fanbase and has maintained its position on the SSA list.

Beau Brummell (born George), Lloyd Vernet Bridges III, and Joseph Robinette Biden III, who also go by the nickname Beau, were all given the dapper moniker.

Best And Famous Beau Names

Your entire world is upended when you are going to become a parent. All of a sudden, you have a lot on your mind, including baby names, baby food, and diapers.

A name is important. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that many are prepared to spend hours searching Google for the ideal first name for their child.

Keep in mind that these Beau names are just some concepts to get your mind working. Although this is only a starting point, hope you find some fantastic names to match Beau here!

  • Beau Zachary
  • Beau Taylor
  • Beau Stephen
  • Beau Ryan
  • Beau Reid
  • Beau Reese
  • Beau Anders
  • Beau Gregory
  • Beau Andrew
  • Beau Quincy
  • Beau Quentin
  • Beau Presley
  • Beau Philip
  • Beau Patrick
  • Beau Owen
  • Beau Oliver
  • Beau Nicholas
  • Beau Nathan
  • Beau Michael
  • Beau Matthew
  • Beau Luke
  • Beau Lucas
  • Beau Lance
  • Beau Kyle
  • Beau Justin
  • Beau Jeffrey
  • Beau Jaxon
  • Beau James
  • Beau Ivan
  • Beau Isaac
  • Beau Hank
  • Beau Gregory
  • Beau Grayson
  • Beau George
  • Beau Gavin
  • Beau Gabriel
  • Beau Francis
  • Beau Floyd
  • Beau Everett
  • Beau Evan
  • Beau Ethan
  • Beau Elias
  • Beau Isidore
  • Beau Thurston
  • Beau Kieran
  • Beau Viggo
  • Beau Duke
  • Beau Drake
  • Beau David
  • Beau Christopher
  • Beau Charles
  • Beau Cannon
  • Beau Bryson
  • Beau Brady
  • Beau Arthur
  • Beau Anthony
  • Beau Alexander

People Also Ask

What Is Name Beau Short For?

The moniker "Beau" was first given to George Bryan Brummell, but it has since become a popular name and nickname since it connotes strength, nobility, and good looks.

What Names Go With Beau?

  • Beau Bertram
  • Beau Lucian
  • Beau Finnian
  • Beau Soren
  • Beau Girard
  • Beau Stellan

Is The Name Beau Rare?

No, Data from the Social Security Administration shows that Beau's popularity has recently increased and he has moved up the rankings. Beau has now established a reputation after finishing 467th in 2000 and rating 109th in 2020. On FamilyEducation.com, it is the fifth most common name.


Above you'll find the greatest unusual Beau names, cute middle names for Beau, interesting middle names for Beau, rare middle names for Beau, and more!

The name Beau is unquestionably a trendy option, and in recent times it has enjoyed a surge in popularity. If you too have decided to give your son the name Beau, then the above list is here to assist you in selecting an appropriate middle name for Beau to use in conjunction with his first name.

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