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BTS Fan Uses Jin's Military Photo To Scare Off Robber And Escapes Unharmed


K-pop fans are known for their deep admiration and devotion to their favorite idols, often collecting photo cards and memorabilia to feel closer to them. For one BTS fan, this affinity for her biased member proved to be more than just a source of comfort; it became her lifeline during a frightening encounter.

In a bizarre turn of events, 21-year-old Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis, a devoted BTS fan from Brazil, found herself at the center of a robbery attempt that took an unexpected twist, all thanks to a photo of BTS member Jin as the BTS fan uses Jin's military photo to scare off robbery attempt.

According to a report by Brazilian newsoutlet RIC Mais, carried by CNN-News18and allkpop, Natali was waiting at a bus stop when she suddenly became the target of a snatcher who had been lurking nearby. The assailant seized her phone swiftly, leaving Natali in shock.

BTS Fan Uses Jin's Military Photo To Scare Off Robber

Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis holding her phone in a transparent case with BTS Jin's photo.
Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis holding her phone in a transparent case with BTS Jin's photo.

Natali, still shaken from the incident, shared:

I was just standing there, waiting for the bus, when this man came out of nowhere and grabbed my phone from my hand.- Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis

However, as the robber made his getaway, he stumbled upon a photo of BTS' Jin in his military uniform. Assuming it was a picture of Natali's boyfriend, who might be military personnel, the thief seemingly had a change of heart.

BTS Jin in the military, the same photo on Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis' phone in the incident.
BTS Jin in the military, the same photo on Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis' phone in the incident.

I couldn't believe it when he gave me back my phone. I think the photo of Jin in his military uniform scared him off.- Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis

The photo in question was seemingly a selfie that Jin had posted on the fan community platform Weverse. In the image, the South Korean artist looked dashing in his military attire, wearing a white face mask. Jin had enlisted in December of the previous year, fulfilling his mandatory military service duties.

I had that photo as my lock screen because Jin is my bias, and his smile always brightens my day.- Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis

News of the thwarted robbery soon reached the BTS fan community, known as ARMY, and reactions poured in from fans worldwide.

Jin will always be there for ARMYs even when he's away.- ARMY

These men (BTS members) don’t even know how much and in how many situations they are saving us. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing community, BTS X ARMY forever.- ARMY

Indeed, BTS members are known for their close relationship with ARMY, often expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. Jin, too, recently gave fans a reason to celebrate by sharing news of his promotion to the rank of Corporal in the military, a recognition for his outstanding performance during training.

Jin said in a video message to his fans.

I'm honored and grateful for this promotion. I will continue to work hard and make my fans proud.- BTS Jin

The incident in Brazil not only showcases the influence of BTS and their musicbut also highlights the power of shared emotions within the K-pop community. BTS' messages of self-love, resilience, and camaraderie resonate deeply with fans, transcending borders and language barriers.

BTS has always been there for us through their music and their interactions with fans. This incident is a testament to the love and support we have for each other.- ARMY

In a world where entertainmentand fandom provide solace and escape from reality, Natali Vitoria Ramos Reis' encounter with the robber and the photo of Jin serves as a powerful reminder of the unique connections forged through music and admiration for idols. The story is likely to be retold by ARMY members for years to come, exemplifying the profound impact of K-pop on people's lives beyond the stage.

How K-Pop Became A Global Phenomenon

K-pop, short for Korean pop music, has become a globalsensation, thanks to the rise of Hallyu, the Korean wave, which signifies the increasing prominence of South Korean pop culture on the global stage. This cultural phenomenon has penetrated various aspects of people's lives, from Korean dramas and skincare regimens to delicious Korean cuisines.

At the heart of Hallyu's international success lies the ever-growing popularity of K-pop, characterized by addictive melodies, slick choreography, and attractive South Korean performers honed in grueling studio systems.

From Local Success To Global Stardom

Hallyu has been on the rise for the past two decades, but it is in the last five to ten years that K-pop has captured the attention of global audiences. South Korean artists have found their way to the Billboard Hot 100 chart multiple times, with K-pop's export contributing significantly to South Korea's booming $5 billion music industry.

K-Pop At The 2018 Winter Olympics

[HD 1080p] 160927 BTS - Save Me + Fire @ 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics G-500 Festival

The 2018 Winter Olympics held in Pyeongchang became an opportunity for South Korea to showcase its most prominent export, K-pop, during the opening and closing ceremonies.

K-pop hits played as athletes marched in the Parade of Nations, highlighting South Korea's integration into global culture. The performances featured some of the biggest K-pop icons, such as Twice, Big Bang, and Psy, who have successfully crossed cultural boundaries with their music.

The K-Pop Production Machine

K-pop's success can be attributed to the highly regimented and coordinated production system that it follows. Music studios like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment strategically create idol groups, assembling talented singers and dancers through competitive auditions at young ages.

These trainees undergo specialized singing and dancing lessons, shaping them into polished performers. The studios then produce songs, market the groups, and orchestrate their TV appearances and comebacks.

The Art Of Perfection

K-pop groups epitomize colorful contradictions. Despite external pressures, K-pop artists manage to deliver high-quality performances, adhering to strict studio standards. The women of K-pop often embody traditional femininity, but there are groups like 2NE1 and f(x) that challenge these norms, presenting themselves as mavericks and rebels.

Male groups have their spectrum of themes, from the "bad boy" image to addressing serious issues like social pressures. Although K-pop has limitations on certain themes and topics, it has grown more sophisticated through subtext and visual cues.

Pushing Boundaries And Embracing Diversity

Despite some challenges with cultural racism and homophobia, K-pop has increasingly embraced diversity and inclusion. Hip-hop has become dominant in the K-pop sound, and the genre has witnessed black members joining groups, and bilingual singles being released. The South Korean indie music scene is also thriving, with independent artists making waves in rap, hip-hop, and R&B genres.

The future of K-pop looks more diverse and dynamic, with an increasing number of independent artists challenging the rigid norms of the studio system. K-pop's ability to push boundaries while maintaining polished packaging sets the stage for continued global success, as South Korea's cultural influence continues to captivate the world. The K-pop production machine keeps evolving, and the future appears bright for this global phenomenon.

K-Pop's Global Domination

The influence of K-pop cannot be overstated, with milestones that demonstrate its undeniable global dominance. In 2009, BoA achieved the groundbreaking feat of becoming the first K-pop artist to appear on the Billboard 200 chart with her self-titled album.

Since then, K-pop's achievements have continued to soar: "Parasite" made history in March 2020 by winning the Oscar for Best Picture, becoming the first non-English-language film to claim this prestigious accolade.

In the same year, BTS's 9th album, "Be," skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, breaking records as the fastest band to achieve five chart-toppers since the Beatles.

More recently, the Korean-language drama "Squid Game" on Netflixhas become a massive global hit, generating an estimated $890 million for the streaming service since its premiere on September 17.

Even among Korean-Americans, the impact of K-pop is undeniable. Yoomi Park, a 30-year-old media professional born in Texas to Korean parents and currently residing in New York City, initially did not consider themselves a K-pop fan. However, in late 2016, they fell into the captivating world of K-pop and have since wholeheartedly embraced the phenomenon.

Park's favorite K-pop group, Twice, recently marked its official crossover into the Western market with the release of their first English-language single, "The Feels," which successfully landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The success of K-pop transcends mere musical appeal. Hae Joo Kim, an assistant chair of the professional music department at Berklee College of Music, asserts that K-pop should be perceived as a comprehensive culture, not merely a music genre. Its visual allure, signature dance moves, compelling storytelling, and slick choreography all contribute to its magnetic appeal.

Fans not only savor the music but also avidly mimic the dance moves as a way to express their unwavering devotion to their beloved idols. This loyalty drives fans to participate in trends such as posting dance videos on TikTok or performing the dances in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Inside the world of K-pop and why it’s become a cultural phenomenon l GMA

K-pop's impact transcends music, emerging as a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. With fervent fan bases, captivating visuals, and the power to foster a global community through a shared passion, K-pop continues to rise in prominence.

The industry's ability to adapt and engage fans through a multi-dimensional experience, both musically and visually, has firmly solidified its position as a dominant force in the global entertainment landscape.

As K-pop continues to evolve and enthrall, its future appears even more promising, with its reach expanding to uncharted territories, captivating hearts and minds around the world.

People Also Ask

Is Jin From BTS Still In The Military?

Yes, Jin is currently serving in the military. He enlisted last year in December and is expected to be back next year.

What Is The Military For Jin?

Jin, whose real name is Kim Seokjin, is the oldest member of BTS and was enlisted in the South Korean military for mandatory service last year. He will be wrapping up his service around BTS' next debut anniversary.

Which BTS Members Went To The Military?

Jin (Kim Seokjin) and J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) are the BTS members who are currently serving in the military.

Who Is Leaving BTS For The Military?

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) is a member who is leaving BTS to serve his military enlistment duty. However, BTS will not break up.

Did BTS Cry When Jin Left?

Yes, the members of BTS were visibly emotional and bid Jin goodbye in a video that surfaced online just a day after he left for his mandatory military service.

Will BTS Continue After Military Service?

BTS members plan to carry out their military service based on their own individual plans, and they are expected to reunite as a group around 2025 following their service commitment.

How Long Will BTS Be In The Military?

BTS' military schedule is based on the South Korean age requirement, and they are expected to reunite as a group in 2025. Each member will have to enlist between 2022 and 2024.

Is V And JK Going To The Military?

As of now, there is no information about V (Taehyung) and Jungkook (JK) going to the military. BTS recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and further announcements are awaited.

Is Suga In The Military?

Suga (Min Yoongi) of BTS will carry out his military service as a social service agent, as per military and music industry sources. He had his service deferred until the end of the next year under a revised law.

Is Jin Forced To Go To The Military?

Jin, the oldest member of BTS, has completed five weeks of basic training as part of his mandatory military service in South Korea. He joined the military willingly as required by law.


In conclusion, this conversation highlights the extraordinary impact of K-pop and the global reach of the Hallyu phenomenon. With an estimated 105 million hallyu fans in 109 countries, K-pop has transcended borders, captivating audiences worldwide. From BTS's record-breaking achievements and "Parasite's" historic Oscar win to the immense success of "Squid Game," K-pop's influence on the entertainment industry is undeniable.

Beyond its musical appeal, K-pop's cultural allure, characterized by captivating visuals, signature dance moves, and engaging storytelling, has fostered a devoted fanbase. The passionate dedication of fans, exemplified as a BTS fan uses Jin's military photo to scare off robbery attempts showcasing the deep emotional connection between idols and their followers. As K-pop continues to evolve and enchant new audiences, its future looks even more promising, cementing its position as a dominant force in global popular culture.

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