John Wick 3 On Netflix This Month, People!

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Published 03.12.19

John Wick 3 on Netflix is the Christmas present we all wanted really, isn’t it?

The third John Wick film completely passed me by when it was in cinemas, which seems to happen to me a lot. It always comes to the point when I say to one of my friends “when’s [a film] out in cinemas” and they usually answer with “four months ago”.


Very annoying. Obviously I have seen other ways to watch this particular film, but I can’t bring myself to pay for a film that I might only slightly like, which is why it’s great news that I’ve gotten what I wanted all along; John Wick 3 on Netflix.

john wick 3 on netflix

Sure, this isn’t the most festive film of all time, but it’ll come as a nice break from all of the Prime Minister Hugh Grant, jovial Will Ferrell and murderer Tim Allen… well maybe not the last one because Keanu Reeves is definitely a murderer in this too.

That’s unfair. Tim Allen is more of a man-slaughterer. I say all of this, I haven’t even seen The Santa Clause.


Is John Wick 3 on Netflix?


When is John Wick 3 on Netflix?

I feel slightly bad for saying this month, since Netflix are really pushing it there. John Wick 3: Parabellum will arrive on the streaming service come the 31st of December, more commonly known as New Year’s Eve… unless you’re in China?

Netflix actually released a whole roster of films and shows that they’re releasing over this month, and it’s looking pretty good…


I already have Scott Pilgrim vs The World on Blu-ray and I know it’s on Amazon Prime Video, but I’ll still be watching it when it arrives on Netflix.

Is John Wick 2 on Netflix?

Yes – but annoyingly, the first film isn’t.

Sort it out Netflix.

I’m also very much looking forward to The Witcher.


This comes as a nice treat from Netflix as they broke hearts all over the world by getting rid of The Grinch just in time for December, despite it being there all year round prior to this.

People have taken to Twitter with their disdain for Netflix after they’ve apparently done this to punish people for sharing passwords.




A real shame. If you have it, The Grinch is available on on Sky Cinema for free, as I understand but if not, you’ll have to wait for it to appear on TV, buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray for a pittance or you can rent it for £2.49 on Amazon Prime Video.

Roll on New Years…

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