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Pk004: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure 1999 - Interesting Facts About Japanese Short Anime Movie

The fourth Pikachu short is titled Pk004: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure 1999. It aired concurrently with The Power of One. Here are all the details.

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The fourth Pikachushort is titled Pk004: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure 1999. It aired concurrently with The Power of One. Here are all the details.


  • Running time: 20 minutes
  • Vintage: 1999-07-17
  • Opening Theme: "Comin' To The Rescue" by O-Town; "Tankentai Wo Tsukurou!" by Pokémon Kids; "Wonderland" by Angela
  • Ending Theme: "Comin' To The Rescue" by O-Town; "Sora Tobu Pokémon Kids" by Becky

Pikachu Movie Synopsis

The synopsis of the movie Pk004: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure 1999 says:
As before, the main protagonists' faces are hidden. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Marill, Venonat, and Psyduck pursue Togepi as he plunges into a pit of darkness and ends up in a huge tree that used to be Pikachu's former home.
The Pokémon locate Togepi with the aid of Pikachu's pal Elekid, despite the fact that they were mistaken for an Exeggcute egg. In their search for the lost egg, the Pokémon travel deep inside the tree, where they encounter a group of three dancing bellossom.
As a terrible storm hits the area, Pikachu and his friends try to keep the Exeggcute eggs from being blown away by using moves like Thunderbolt and Water Gun.
With its incredible strength, Snorlax saves everyone with the help of the tree Pokémon. When a Dragonair calms the storm and a Chansey shows up to explain they already had the lost egg, the storm dissipates. Reunited are the eggs.
With the aid of a Leaf Stone, Exeggcute transforms into Exeggutor all of a sudden. In order to return to their trainers, Pikachu and his buddies bid Elekid and the others farewell. In the meantime, Meowth tries to find a campsite in the meantime but becomes lost due to Pikachu's blunders and gives up.

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure - Coming To The Rescue


  • Due to the controversy over her hue, Jynx's appearance in the closing credits was changed for the Japanese Blu-ray release in 2012.
  • The background musicfor the main menu of the Pokémon the Movie 2000 DVD was the "welcome song" that the tree dwellers sing to Pikachu and his companions when they arrive.
  • Even though Exeggutor is usually shown to have three heads, this is the only time in the anime where it is shown that an Exeggutor only has three heads. All of the other Exeggutor have at least four to six heads.
  • Instead of the Orange Islands variation, the Butterfree in this Pikachu short are of the usual variety.
  • All That Pikachu! They turned this into a manga in full color.
  • Since the episode where Dragonair was shown for the first time outside of Japan was banned in Japan, this is the show's dub debut.


  • In the section where the Bellossom trio dances, there are two mistakes: the Poliwhirl says "Poliwrath" instead of "Poliwhirl," and the Poliwag says "Poliwhirl" instead of "Poliwag."
  • The voice of a Fearow is used by a Pidgey when the Pokémon rush to aid Pikachu and his buddies in defending the nests.
  • A Pidgey has a brown chest rather than a yellow one when the Exeggcute are about to transform into Exeggutor.

People Also Ask

What Is The Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Song?

Pikachu's Rescue Adventure song is "Comin' to the Rescue".

What Are Some Pokemon Movies?

  • Pokemon: Pikachu's Vacation.
  • Pokemon 3: The Movie.
  • Pokemon The Movie 2000.
  • Pikachu And Pichu.

What Is The Premiere Date Of Pikachu's Rescue Adventure Movie?

The premiere date of Pikachu's Rescue Adventure is 1999-07-17 (Japan).


The Pikachu short's events were recounted by the narrator in the original Japanese version of Pk004: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure 1999. In the English dub, the narration is cut.
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